Koongo: Activate 5-minute synchronization

Koongo recently released a product and order synchronization frequency upgrade. So far, the product data and order sync between your store and Koongo have run with the frequencies below:

  • Product synchronization – every 30 minutes
  • Order synchronization – every 15 minutes

From now on, you can speed up your product and order sync. up to a 5-minute frequency.

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Koongo – Bol Bronze Partnership

We are very happy to announce the new Koongo – Bol Bronze partnership.
Bol is a famous online marketplace from the Netherlands that sells books, toys, electronics, and many other consumer products.
Initially, was an online bookshop but it has become the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

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CCV Shop Marketplace Apps Comparison

Nowadays, a product data feed is a basic requirement for selling or advertising products online. All marketplaces or product advertising services are demanding a specific data feed capable of meeting their requirements and specifications. For most of the marketplaces, the API integration with order synchronization might be a must-have.

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Announcing Pay as you go pricing policy

Koongo as a Service allows you now to subscribe to a pricing plan called Pay as you go, which is a replacement to the current Basic and Advanced plan. Although the upgrade of your current plan to Pay as you go is not mandatory we strongly encourage you to do it as this way you pay only for the resources you use.

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