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Koongo simplifies your product data management and selling channel integration. It helps you to create and optimize product feeds for any of supported channels. Including Facebook, Bol, eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping. Koongo offers a user-friendly environment. No programming knowledge is needed.

See Koongo features below. And how they can save you time by automating your business activities.

Single integration point

Advertising products on various online marketplaces and comparison websites is definitely the best way how to attract more potential customers. But selling simultaneously on multiple channels is a tricky task. You need to make sure your stock information is identical on all your selling channels.

With Koongo, your store becomes a single integration point. From there you can sell or advertise your products on any of your favorite channels. Koongo ensures that your product data changes are automatically sent to all your connected channels. And you're always selling only in-stock products.

Automatic order synchronization

Koongo imports your marketplace orders into your store. And syncs your inventory automatically. You can process these orders just like your regular ones. You can import those orders into your information system or sent them to your logistics partners. Automatic order management reduces workload and saves you time.

Automatic order sync is available for several Koongo's supported e-commerce platforms. Like BigCommerce, CCV Shop, Lightspeed, Logic 4, Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop, Shopware 5, Shopware 6, Shopify, Wix or WooCommerce.

Koongo supports automatic order management for Amazon, Azoya,,, eBay, idealo, Wish, Spartoo, Zalando Connected Retail, Zalando Partner Program, and Miinto online marketplaces.

Always fresh product data

Koongo centralizes your product data and distributes them automatically on all connected online marketplaces, price comparison websites or affiliates. Most supported e-commerce platforms are integrated to Koongo via an API. API integration means that your data is updated a regular basis in Koongo.

Koongo checks your product data in your store database. Any product data changes are imported to Koongo in a matter of minutes. And then, exported automatically to all connected online marketplaces or comparison websites.

This means, that your product data is always up-to-date on all marketing channels you connect through Koongo.

Multiple e-commerce platforms

Koongo offers integration to various e-commerce platforms. Koongo app is available in e-commerce apps stores. This enables you a direct connection for a fast and easy data transfer.

In case your e-commerce platform is not supported by Koongo, you can use Koongo Custom Platform. And import your product data using a Google Shopping product feed.

You can also connect different e-commerce platforms under one Koongo account. And manage your product and order sync settings at a single place.

Learn more about Koongo e-commerce integrations at Platforms.

500+ marketing channels available

Koongo supports more than 500 online marketplaces, product comparison websites, social and affiliate channels worldwide. You have plenty of options where you can sell your products at.

Koongo offers channels like Amazon - Google Ads - - Kelkoo - - idealo - - eBay - Wish - Cdiscount - Instagram - TikTok - Google Shopping - Webgains - Manomano - Rakuten - The Vintage Bar - Miinto - Fnac - Darty and more.

For each supported channel we offer automatic product feed submission (via URL link, FTP submission or API integration) and channel integration manual.

Learn more about Koongo supported channels at Channels.

Custom Feed Layout

You can design your own custom feed with Koongo. XML, CSV or TXT product feed formats are supported. There are 2 feed layout types available - with and without additional image export.

After you a custom product feed creation, you can export it using product feed URL link upload or FTP submission.

For more information, please check Custom Channel Layout Setup

Affordable Koongo subscription

Koongo subscription starts at €19 per month. And it uses a dynamic model.

Your final Koongo subscription depends on the number of used:

  • items (unique SKUs)
  • selling channels
  • stores/languages
  • order connections

You can scale your Koongo subscription up or down at any time. Your Koongo subscription always fit your current business needs.

Advanced feed modification

Koongo offers various product feed modification options.

  • Select specific products for each marketplace - advanced Koongo filtering options help you to select just the right group of products for each selling channel
  • Increase your product ranking by using marketplace categories - category mapping helps you to easily map store categories to a marketplace category tree
  • Modify product prices for each selling channel - increase product prices to cover marketplace selling fees or shipping costs
  • Convert your product prices - use Koongo automatic currency converter to export your product price in different currencies. Currency exchange rates are updated twice a day

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