Mage One: Stay on Magento 1 a Little Longer

Do want to run your Magento 1 store and Koongo Connector for Magento a little longer? But you do not want to miss out on security and compatibility with current technologies?

Then, use the service of a new Koongo partner, Mage One.

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Sell on Wish Today: Unlock Your Mobile Commerce Growth Potential

For a limited time, Wish is offering exclusive benefits to new merchants joining through Koongo. Grow your business with Wish!

The offer is available for EU located merchants only.

Learn more at How to Sell on marketplace

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BigCommerce Order Sync: Easily Manage Amazon or eBay Orders

The BigCommerce order sync allows you to manage your marketplace orders directly in your store. It syncs orders from Amazon, eBay, idealo, Bol, Beslist, or Miinto online marketplaces.

Koongo app imports your marketplace orders into your BigCommerce store. And it syncs your inventory automatically. Orders are listed next to your BigCommerce orders. So, you can manage them just like your regular ones.

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idealo: Support For Retailers In The Corona Crisis

Koongo partner idealo marketplace offers retailers support for their business in the current COVID-19 crisis. The campaign is aimed at online retailers who decide to expand their sales channels in the current situation.

(more…) Continue reading → Amazon launched a new shopping experience in the Netherlands

Amazon publicly released the Netherlands marketplace, Dutch shoppers can purchase products from With listings written in Dutch.

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