Logic4: The cloud-based platform for e-commerce with a smile

Logic4 helps wholesale distributors and retailers by providing ERP & e-commerce software. Above all, the Logic4 software replaces multiple systems with the use of one central, cloud-based platform to improve operational efficiency for its customers. Therefore the clients can do everything on Logic4 avoiding the annoying use of several platforms to perform tasks related to purchasing stock logistics and accounts.

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Amazon Poland: Amazon launches its platform in Poland

Amazon has just announced the launch of its platform in Poland where it started to work in 2014. The American marketplace plans to enhance the shopping experience to its Polish customers with a dedicated website as The local businesses will be able to reach a wider number of customers in both Poland and worldwide.

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Wish Order Management: Manage Your Wish Orders in Your Store

Automate your selling on the Wish marketplace with Koongo. Koongo easily imports your Wish orders into your store backend. So, you manage the Wish orders like your store’s regular ones. Koongo helps you to get rid of repetitive tasks like tracking your Wish sales. Therefore you will be able to use your valuable time for more important things and you will provide better service to your customers.

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Shoplo, your all-in-one e-commerce platform

Shoplo is an e-commerce platform that helps you to build your site and it also allows you to find out where to sell your products online. If you use Koongo, you can connect your Shoplo store to many online platforms therefore you increase your opportunities to sell.

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PrestaShop Order Sync: Manage Marketplace Orders in Your Store

The PrestaShop order sync allows you to manage your Amazon, eBay, idealo, Bol, Beslist, Miinto, or Wish marketplace orders directly in your store backend.

Koongo imports your marketplace orders into your PrestaShop store and it also syncs your inventory automatically. Hence, your marketplace orders are listed next to your PrestaShop orders and you will be able to manage them just like your regular ones.

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