idealo: Support For Retailers In The Corona Crisis

Koongo partner idealo marketplace offers retailers support for their business in the current COVID-19 crisis. The campaign is aimed at online retailers who decide to expand their sales channels in the current situation.

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Amazon publicly released the Netherlands marketplace, Dutch shoppers can purchase products from With listings written in Dutch.

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Mage2Go: An alternative for long and expensive Magento 2 projects

Mage2Go is an e-commerce service that makes the transition to Magento 2 a piece of cake. The service offers a Magento 2 webshop for a low monthly fee including hosting, updates, and maintenance.

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Koongo service for Magento 2: Marketplace Integration & Order Management

Koongo released Koongo as a service for Magento 2 platform. It allows you to use automatic product and order synchronization functionality for various online marketplaces. Like, for example, Ebay, Miinto, idealo, Amazon, or

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How to Sell on Amazon: Become an Amazon Seller – Fast

Interested in selling on Amazon but not sure where you should start? Check our “How to sell on Amazon” guide. And you will be able to get your first sale on Amazon within the next few days.

This How to Sell on Amazon guidelines outlines the most important things you should do when you start selling your products on the Amazon marketplace.

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