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Lightspeed is an e-commerce platform designed to help online merchants sell their products into the market of online shoppers. With its many built-in functions, the Lightspeed e-commerce platform is one of the best tools merchants can use to grow their online presence. Lightspeed is focused on the user experience and making the platform specifically useable for people with no technical knowledge.

Koongo is a product data feed manager which connects your Lightspeed store to any of 500+ online marketplaces, product comparison engines and affiliates channels all over the world. Simply integrate your Lightspeed store with Koongo, create a product feed and set up an automatic connection to selling or advertising channel of your choice. Koongo apps are available in the Lightspeed Apps store. You can test any Koongo designed app for 30 days for free.

Koongo Benefits for Lightspeed

  • Product Feed Manager

    Koongo is a powerful product data feed manager which connects your Lightspeed store to any of 500+ online marketplaces, product ads, and price comparison websites worldwide. Koongo can upload your product data automatically to all connected channels.
  • Marketplace API

    Marketplace API integration is available for 2dehands.be, 2ememain.be, Marktplaats.nl, Cdiscount.com, Amazon, Bol.com, Beslist.nl, eBay and Wish.com. API integration uploads your product data updates instantly from your Lightspeed store to all connected marketplaces.
  • Product Feed Optimization

    Koongo product data feed manager offers a complete solution for product data feed handling. You can use a basic attribute mapping, advanced attribute modification, simple product filtering or specific filter conditions.
  • Custom Feed Layout

    Koongo allows you to design a custom product data feed. The XML, CSV or TXT formats are supported. The custom feed is possible to submit to a selected channel via automatic URL link upload or FTP submission.
  • Google Analytics Integration

    Koongo allows you to integrate with Google Analytics. By tracking a product performance on a product or channel level you can improve ROI or your marketing campaigns.
  • Free Koongo Trial

    Koongo offers a free 30-day trial. Full functionality. Koongo app plan starts at €24.95 per month.

Koongo Pricing for Lightspeed

Koongo - Feed Marketing App
  • 500+ Koongo supported channels
  • 80000 product limit
  • 50 channel limit
  • Google Analytics
  • No setup costs
  • 30-day free trial
€24.95 per month
Excluding VAT

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