Bol Integration is the number one online retailer in the Netherlands, with more than three million customers and 10% of the online market, and has a growing presence in Belgium. It offers non-food products in a wide range of categories, delivered directly to people’s homes.

Since its inception as an online bookseller in 1999,’s offering has expanded to over six million products in categories such as electronics, music, books, computers, toys, baby, beauty, kitchen, dining and do-it-yourself. The company launched Plaza on February 2011, giving customers access to products from other retailers through its website. continues to build visitors to its online store. The company has also won a number of awards based on customer appreciation, including several Thuiswinkel Awards – an annual award for the best web store in the Netherlands, chosen by consumers. To give customers another convenient way to collect their orders, has opened over 700 pick-up points in Albert Heijn stores.

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Product feeds

  • - NL - Offers via API - CSV
  • - NL - Remove Offers via API - CSV
  • - NL - Product Content via API (NL_BE) - CSV
  • - BE - Offers via API - CSV
  • - BE - Remove Offers via API - CSV
  • - BE - Product Content via API (NL_BE) - CSV


  • Belgium
  • Netherlands

Channel integration type

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Bol Integration Manual

To upload your products on Bol marketplace 4 feed types can be used:

  • Offers feed - Offer feed is used to update product data (price, qty, delivery time) of the products defined in the Bol database. It should be set up first.
  • Update stock feed - Bol Update stock feed is similar to Offer feed. But Update stock updates only the product stock of the products that are already defined in the Bol database and activated on Bol.
  • Remove offers feed - Remove feed is used to remove products from your Bol account when the product is deleted in your store.
  • Content feed - Content feed is used to create a product in the Bol database. Information like title, color, brand, description and others are defined.

Note: The Bol marketplace integration is not available for Connector for Magento and Connector for Magento 2 users. For the Magento and Magento 2 platforms please use the Koongo Service option.

For more information about how to upload your product data on the Bol marketplace, please check the manual below.

Shipping via

Shipping via is a service that Bol offers to its clients. This service has two main advantages. Firstly, commits to ship the products sold on its platform at low delivery costs. Secondly, its clients do not have the shipping responsibility anymore. For more information please check the manual below. order synchronization manual

The Bol order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the Bol order synchronization, please follow:

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