Sell on Wish Today: Unlock Your Mobile Commerce Growth Potential

For a limited time, Wish is offering exclusive benefits to new merchants joining through Koongo. Grow your business with Wish!

The offer is available for EU located merchants only.

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Revenue share reduced to 5%

For the first 3 months after you open your store, the revenue share
on your sales is only 5%. Normally, it is 15%.

Customer success agent

A dedicated customer success agent who
will help you onboard, optimize your listings, and drive impressions.

EU boost campaign

Enrolled in the Wish EU boost campaign that will drive impressions to your
listings from day one including boost credit.

Expand to international markets

Expand to international markets through Wish’s 135+ logistics routes

Increase domestic/international sales

Increase your domestic/international sales on one of the fastest
growing marketplaces.

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