Order Management for Magento Released


Koongo is happy to announce the release of order management functionality for Magento. Koongo order management is now available for both Koongo Service and Koongo Connector for Magento.

Koongo synchronizes orders for many online sales platforms such as eBay, Miinto, idealo, Amazon,, Wish, or

You can check the order manuals below:

Benefits of Koongo Order Management

With Koongo order synchronization, you can automatically sync your Magento stock with all connected marketplaces. Koongo transfers marketplace orders back to your Magento store and handles stock synchronization. Marketplace orders can be fulfilled directly in your Magento just like ordinary orders. Order management ensures that you never advertise and sell out-of-stock products on any connected marketplace. It saves you time. You no longer have to manually update your store stock when an item is sold on any of those marketplaces. You can leave order synchronization to Koongo and focus on providing a higher quality service to your customers.

Free of Charge until April 2019

Magento order management is in the beta testing phase. Magento order management will be offered free of charge until the beginning of April 2019. The order management per one marketplace will cost €15 per month.

For customers who activate Magento order management in February, can Koongo offer free of charge period until the beginning of May 2019 and discount on order management recurring fee after that period.

If you’d like to start with Magento order synchronization please contact Koongo support for further information.

Order Management for Magento 2 Coming Soon

Order management for Koongo Connector for Magento 2 CE and Koongo Connector for Magento 2 EE is under development now. Koongo will release it within a few months.

What Marketplace Order Sync are you interested in?

Is there any marketplace you’d like to sync your orders with? What next marketplace should we add order management for? Give us feedback below:

Koongo Benefits for Magento

  • Hundreds of channels – connect any of 500+ marketplaces, price comparison or affiliate marketing websites
  • Koongo order management – available for marketplaces like Amazon,,, and Miinto
  • Marketplace API integration – is offered for marketplaces like Cdiscount, Marktplaats, Wish, Amazon or Miinto
  • Advanced feed optimization – design specific filter conditions to exclude unique sorts of products
  • Google Analytics integration – allows you to analyze the performance of your products
  • Free 30-day trial – test Koongo products for free within the 30-day trial period!

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