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Koongo is introducing order management for the idealo. It is possible to activate the order management for the idealo’s checkout feature, where the entire purchase takes place on the idealo platform. For example, Koongo imports your idealo checkout orders directly in your Shopify, WooCommerce, CCV Shop, Lightspeed, Magento or Magento 2 store backend.

The automatic order management will then help you to perform all idealo order-related actions directly in your store backend. Koongo transfers your idealo orders to your store and syncs your inventory. You can also fulfill your idealo orders directly in your store backend. The order tracking number is sent back to your idealo account once it is filed in your store.

Sell on idealo: idealo Checkout order management

Retrieving your idealo Checkout order

You can retrieve any new orders via the REST API and confirm receipt of these by returning an order number (as created by your system). It is only possible to retrieve new orders once. It is not currently possible to receive a call-up of any other order, including the ones already received by your e-commerce system.

Moreover, for each order, idealo will send the shopping basket details, with the prices valid at the time of purchase. It will also send the invoice and delivery addresses, additional contact details, payment, and delivery types, delivery promise information and the customer’s chosen delivery option.

Note: Please ensure that you configure your sales tax rates yourself within your system(s), as idealo does not have comprehensive knowledge of your tax duties.

Will the payment status also be sent?

Payment status information is called up via the interfaces of the respective payment service providers and therefore is not covered by the API for order data. However, the API will provide the corresponding transaction ID from the payment service provider, so that your system can allocate the payment transactions to an order.

Sending shipping status information to idealo:

Once you have handed a shipment over to the parcel service or freight forwarder, you can use the API for order data to send idealo the shipping information for that order, including the shipping service used and parcel / tracking number.

Sending details of cancellations and returns to idealo:

You can also use the API for order data to inform idealo of any cancellations, partial cancellations or returns.

Sell on idealo: Integrate your store with Koongo

Sell on idealo with Koongo. When you integrate your store to idealo via Koongo, you can effortlessly sync your products, manage your idealo orders and increase the quantity of your sales.

You can also use other platforms to sell your goods like The Wish order sync is also available for other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Beslist,, Ebay, Miinto and Wish .

Here’s what you can do when you sell with Koongo and idealo:

  • Consolidate your inventory and order management fluidly between your store and idealo
  • Grow your brand footprint on idealo’s global market
  • Manage your idealo business policies very easily
  • Increase your number of sales

idealo order synchronization manual

Order management for other marketplaces

You can also find interest in some other marketplace order synchronizations supported by Koongo. Please find their integration manuals below:

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