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Channel Updates

  • How to Sell on Bol.com marketplace


    Are you trying to boost your sales? Have you heard about Bol.com? Bol.com is the leading webshop in the Netherlands for books, toys, electronics, and many other product categories. According to research published in 2015, it is the strongest retail brand with the highest expected growth in the Netherlands. It started out as an online bookshop back in 1999 and it is currently the biggest marketplace for a wide range of products in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is fully integrated with Koongo and it’s an excellent selling channel for merchants targeting those markets. We’ll be explaining how to sell on Bol.com so that you can get any relevant information to start selling successfully on the leading Dutch marketplace online.

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  • How to Sell on Wish.com marketplace


    Are you interested in selling on Wish.com? Then, read the following article. You’ll get useful information on how to start selling on one of the funniest online marketplaces.

    What is Wish.com? What is it for? It has been the 2018 revolutionary application and e-commerce platform to buy and sell online. And it’s growing exponentially. You’ll find almost everything, from mobile phones to clothing at a very low price. Wish.com is based in San Francisco (California) and it’s a US marketplace. However, it's famous for selling “Made in China” quality products at an affordable price.

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  • Cdiscount marketplace - API integration


    Koongo is happy to announce the release of an API product synchronization for Cdiscount marketplace. The Cdiscount marketplace is available for all Koongo as a service users.

    Register for your Cdiscount account now! The Koongo Cdiscount channel setup is easy.

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  • Real.de marketplace available in Koongo


    We are happy to announce a release of a CSV feed integration for real.de marketplace. The real.de marketplace is available for all Koongo supported platforms. The channel integration is easy.

    Register for your real.de account now!

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  • Enrich your Zbozi.cz feed with shipping cost


    Are you advertising on Zbozi.cz channel? Enrich your Zbozi.cz feed with shipping cost information!

    For many buyers is the shipping cost the key parameter that makes them purchase or not purchase a product from your e-shop. The Zbozi.cz channel is aware of that fact and their XML feed layout was recently updated to cover the shipping cost information.

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  • Expand your audience with Bing Ads


    Are you familiar with Google AdWords? Expand your audience with Bing Ads!

    The Bing Ads allows you to reach millions of searchers that Google can't reach. Expanded Text Ads work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, giving you a way to create more compelling calls to action for consumers and drive higher conversions to your business.

    Bing Ads are available for the following countries: Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, and others.

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  • Advertise on Google AdWords


    Google Adwords, an online advertising platform created by Google, is designed to help you advertise directly on Google search engine.

    With a Google Adwords tool, you are able to create customized Google ads. These ads can help you reach millions of customers and increase website traffic and allow you to progressively grow your business.

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  • Sell on Allyouneed.com!


    Allyouneed.com is a shopping channel powered by DHL Convenient, it combines online shopping with the advantages of the classical retail trade.

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  • Create a Custom Feed with Multiple Images


    You didn't find the feed you need in the Koongo portfolio? You can build the feed you want using the Custom feed,
    now available with Multiple Images option.

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  • Twenga become Koongo Partner! Limited offer!


    We are thrilled we can announce our partnership with Twenga - the shopping search engine that allows millions of consumers worldwide to find what they want at the best price with the online retailer of their choice.

    Thanks to our partnership we bring you limited exclusive offer!

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