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Zalando partner program

Zalando was founded in 2008 in Berlin as an online shoe shop. By 2010, it had become the market leader in online shoes and added all sorts of fashion items to its platform. Today, Zalando is a leading European online platform for fashion and lifestyle. It delivers to customers in 23 countries. In their fashion store, you can find a wide assortment of more than 5,800 brands. Zalando reports over 7.4B visits and more than 48 million active customers in 2021.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know before you start selling on the Zalando – Partner Program.

What are your Zalando partnership options?

Zalando has three programs that it offers:

  1. Zalando Connected Retail – Physical store connected to the Zalando platform to sell directly to consumers. This is only used for selling in the shop’s country of origin.
  2. Zalando Partner program – Partners connected to the Zalando platform to sell directly to consumers.
  3. Wholesale – Zalando buys from suppliers, stores in warehouses, and sells to customers.

The Koongo integration is available for the Zalando Connected Retail and the Zalando Partner Program.

What is Partner Program?

The Partner Program gives you full control when it comes to running your business on Zalando. Via the dedicated partner portal, zDirect, partners retain control over the assortment, prices and brand representation to grow their businesses and maximize sales on Zalando. zDirect allows partners to integrate their stock with Zalando’s platform and smoothly onboard new articles while providing them with the necessary data to understand their performance. Partners can see how customers interact with their products, and how products sell across markets and categories, allowing them to identify potential areas for improvement. In return, the resulting broad assortment and high product availability excites and extends Zalando’s customer base. Additionally, Zalando can also help partners with marketing and fulfillment, through Zalando Marketing Services and Zalando Fulfillment Solutions.

What are the benefits for brands and retailers?

  • The easiest way to build up a profitable e-commerce business and get direct access to about 49 million customers in 25 markets in Europe
  • Build customer loyalty through a dedicated Zalando onsite page for your brand
  • Use your own logistics or save on shipping costs with Zalando Fulfillment Solutions
  • Set your own prices 
  • Access all your analytics, business insights, peer benchmarks, and platform tooling on zDirect — Zalando’s Partner Program portal
  • Zalando Partner Consultants are here to help you deliver the best possible customer experience. From guidance on assortment steering to market expansion – they’ve got you covered
  • Leverage industry-leading creative and media solutions, as well as game-changing insights by Zalando Marketing Services to drive sales performance and brand impact, and win new customers across all Zalando markets

What do I need to join Partner Program?

Via the partner program, you can fit your stock directly into the Zalando platform. As a partner, you keep control over your product range and prices. Zalando handles payment processing and customer service. You can also use additional services, such as Zalando Fulfillment Services and various marketing options.

How exactly does the integration of your products on the Zalando platform work?

The information of each partner item must be uploaded to the online Zalando catalog to enable the flow of information from inventory and orders between Zalando customers and partners. You can choose from 2 integration methods:

1. Create a direct API integration: Create a direct connection between your inventory and Zalando’s API.
2. Use an integrator: you can use an external integrator like Koongo which already has a connection to the Zalando platform. The integrator offers you an interface with which you can manage your inventory and orders. For more information, you can check the Zalando integration manual.

What are the selling Fees on Zalando Marketplace?

The selling fee on Zalando is divided into 2 categories:

  • Selling commission
  • Fixed monthly charges

The selling commission on Zalando is based on the type and the price of the product being sold. It usually ranges somewhere between 5% and 25%.

Speaking of the monthly fee for selling at Zalando is quite nominal.

What are the minimum requirements to sell on the Zalando Marketplace?

Sellers looking to commence selling on the Zalando marketplace must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must have an online store.
  • You must have your business registered.
  • Must have products in digital under at least one of the following categories (clothing, shoes, sportswear, and equipment or accessories).
  • Must offer free delivery and free returns with a 100 days return policy.

Enjoy Koongo’s automatic order synchronization

Koongo implemented the Zalando order synchronization connection. This allows importing your Zalando orders automatically into your store within several minutes after the Zalando order is created. You can process Zalando orders just like your regular ones. You can import them into your information system or send them to your logistics partners. Koongo’s automatic order management reduces your workload and saves you time.

For more information, please check the Zalando Partner Program order sync manual.

Want to get on board?

If you are interested in joining the Zalando platform with your store via the Partner Program please Sign up for Zalando Partner Program.

You can also contact Koongo customer care. We’ll be happy to help you with the Zalando integration.

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