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We are happy to welcome The Vintage Bar marketplace as a new partner of the Koongo big family. The Vintage Bar is a community-driven platform connecting buyers & sellers of premium and luxury secondhand fashion from around the world.

Please read further to see what The Vintage Bar tells us about its community and field of business.

Who is The Vintage Bar? 

The Vintage Bar is a community-driven marketplace based on buying, selling, and providing inspiration. We connect buyers and sellers from all over the world, as we represent both local and international sellers to our ever-growing community of local and international shoppers. 

We have a large community of loyal members and more than 1.000 items are uploaded every day. 

Why did we create TVB? 

The Vintage Bar is on a clear mission to show that secondhand fashion can be just as cool and exciting as new fashion. 

We want to be a relatable social hangout where community members come together with like-minded people who share a passion for the fashion industry as we invite them to partake in fashion in a more sustainable and circular way.

What differentiates us? 

The Vintage Bar stands out from other resellers as we have our largest following on Instagram. The Vintage Bar has always been focused on visuals and we wanted to create a space with an emphasis on inspiration as well as buying and selling. This is why we’re so focused on our visual identity on Instagram and on our platform – we want secondhand fashion to be just as exclusive and luxurious as being straight from a shop. 

We also have our site The Archive where we have articles about trends, brands, interviews with influencers and other inspiring people as well as other relevant topics.

Who are our customers (members)?

Our community members mostly consist of millennial and Gen Z women/girls, who like fashion but love a good deal. 

Our members care a lot about the sustainable and circular aspect of secondhand shopping, which is why they like to both buy and sell on our platform. They come from all over the world but are mostly based in larger cities. 

Members of our community also have a strong presence on social media. 

What are we selling? 

On The Vintage Bar, you can find premium and luxury fashion items including clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags, hair accessories, and more.  

Items sold on The Vintage Bar must be of good condition – we have four different product conditions, that all items fall under. New with tags, excellent, good but used and worn with love.

Where do we ship?

We ship all over the world with Russia being the only exception.

Benefits of selling on TVB

The Vintage Bar represents both local secondhand stores and professional resellers who are presented to our community of buyers through the platform and website but also on our Instagram. This provides professional sellers with the benefits of the marketing and amazing branding that The Vintage Bar delivers.

Things to consider when selling

The most important thing to consider when selling on our platform is price. We have a large and active community on our platform, so every time an item is uploaded with a good price, it’s gone. 

Another thing to remember in order to boost sales is to upload good photos and descriptions. Include size and color and upload photos of all signs of use. This helps our community and creates trust, which will make your items sell faster. 

Our loyal members are mainly located in Northern Europe, but we ship to 40+ markets every month – selling via The Vintage Bar will therefore connect you to our community all over the world.

We charge a commission fee. 

What can I sell on TVB?

As a professional seller, you’re able to sell all fashion items that fit under the description of premium and luxury as well as live up to one of the four product descriptions previously mentioned. 

TVB and Koongo partnership

The Vintage Bar marketplace is available in Koongo now. You can connect your store to Koongo and easily upload your products to The Vintage Bar marketplace. Koongo and The Vintage Bar customer care is ready to help you with any questions.

Koongo offers a 30-day free trial. So, why not test The Vintage Bar to see how are your products selling on this specific marketplace.

TVB order management

Seamlessly connect your store to Koongo, upload your products to The Vintage Bar marketplace, and let Koongo handle your orders automatically. The Vintage Bar can expand your reach to a broader audience of fashion enthusiasts and boost your sales potential without increasing your workload.

Using Koongo’s advanced order syncing capabilities, you can rely on us to manage order tracking codes. And thus, maintain accurate stock levels across all platforms. Experience the convenience of seamless order processing and never worry about discrepancies or missing updates again. For more information, please check The Vintage Bar order sync manual.

Feel free to contact Koongo customer care at for more information.

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