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Koongo features are benefits for your business

Expand your market coverage. And discover new selling opportunities. Connect any of 500+ online marketplaces, price comparison websites, social and affiliate channels integrated by Koongo. We help you to publish your products on any of these selling channels and keep your data up-to-date.

Single integration point

Selling your products on different marketing channels is definitely the best way how to attract more customers. But it can be quite a complex task with an increasing number of channels used.

Koongo is here to help you. Once you integrate your store with our solution, you get a single place from where you can connect any of your favorite marketing channels. Your store database is used as a single source of data. Your product data are automatically updated on all connected channels.

Automatic order management

Order synchronization is implemented for some of Koongo supported e-commerce platforms (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, CCV Shop, and Lightspeed).

Koongo can import your marketplace orders into your store and syncs inventory automatically. You can process these orders just like your store orders. You can connect your marketplace orders to your information system and to your logistics partners. Order synchronization is available for Amazon, Bol.com, Beslist.nl, and Miinto marketplaces.

Product data is always up-to-date

Koongo keeps your data fresh on all connected channels. Most of the supported e-commerce platforms are API integrated to Koongo (e.g. Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, CCV Shop, Prestashop, BigCommerce, Afosto, and Lightspeed).

Koongo downloads product data from your store every 30 minutes. And exports the updates to all connected selling channels on a regular basis. Your inventory data is always up-to-date on all marketing channels you use.

Multiple e-commerce solutions

Koongo integrates multiple e-commerce solutions. You can even connect various e-commerce platforms under one Koongo account. Learn more about Koongo benefits and pricing details at Pricing

Koongo integration is easy. Just connect your store to Koongo. Create an account on your favorite selling channel. Decide what products to sell there and upload products to your channel account. Koongo takes care of data synchronization and processes orders for selected online marketplaces.

Over 500 selling channels in 50+ countries

Manage to sell on global markets with Koongo. Connect any of 500+ online marketplaces, product comparison websites, social and affiliate channels worldwide. Channels like Amazon - Google Ads - Bol.com - Kelkoo - Marktplaats.nl - Idealo - Beslist.nl - eBay - Wish - Newegg - Cdiscount - Google Shopping - Bing Ads - Webgains - Manomano - Fruugo - Pricerunner - Rakuten and more.

Check all Koongo supported channels at Channels

Cross-border selling

Selling your products in foreign countries is definitely recent trend in the world of global e-commerce, though surely there is couple of challenges you have to overcome in order to sucessfuly expand your online business behind the borders of your country. Take the first step with Koongo - willing to expand to Germany? Well, check the list of channels Koongo supports in Germany, set some up and get new customers.

Channel performance tracking

Only few selling and marketing channels allow to sell or promote products for free - the majority of them charge merchant some soft of fee. Thus, you need to carefully evaluate which channels work for you the best. You need to analyze ROI (i.e. return over investment) of every channel you use. With Koongo's performance tracking feature you can accomplish this task. Easy.

Price margin

If you become multi-channel and cross-border merchant you may soon realize that you need to adjust product prices independently per each channel used. And that's not a problem with Koongo at all as you can set up easily fixed or percentual margins on product prices. You can even decide to list within one channel one product 10% cheaper while another 5% more expensive.

Category mapping

Price comparison websites, affiliate networks and selling channels often require you to map your store categories onto their unique category tree. In addition, they frequently update those trees pretty much in the same manner as they change feed layouts. Even if mapping is not strictly required it improves usualy the ranking of your store. With Koongo this is not a big deal - you can set up easily category mapping and Koongo notifies you should the feed layout or category tree be changed and your attention required.

FTP for feed upload

Koongo has built-in feature which allows you to upload product data files (i.e. feeds) to a remote server using file transfer protocol (FTP). Although this feature is used in background mainly for integration purposes with selling channels that Koongo supports you can use it also for your specific needs, such as for further processing of feeds and integration with advanced CRM systems or custom built solutions.

Product and attribute filters

With Koongo you can easily set up various rules for product filtering, based on any attribute value or category assignment. So for example you can list scuba diving gear on one channel while freediving gear on another. You can also merge various store attributes into one feed attribute and thus improve product listing or store ranking within given channel. Lastly, you can set up also conversion rules for product attributes, like 'L' > 'Large'. You can even use regular expressions for advanced attribute processing.

Support and documentation

In fact, the key aspect for success of any product or servise is good support, or better, very good support. And that's exactly what we strive for here in our headquater. Thanks to our team distributed around couple of countries we provide suppport five working days in a week (during weekends only in critical cases), almost no matter your time zone. Also, we keep Koongo's user documentation up-to-date as much as possible.

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