Sigma Infotech becomes Koongo Solution Partner!

Sigma Infotech is a Magento e-Commerce specialist. At Sigma Infotech, they have an extremely talented team of Magento developers who understand the intricacies of developing a successful Magento based eCommerce store. They follow a holistic approach towards e-commerce and provide a turn-key solution that includes a search engine friendly websites and ongoing SEO.

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Moonwalk Agency become Koongo Solution Partner!

Moonwalk Agency is a Danish e-commerce agency focusing on Magento platform solutions. Their experienced e-merchants serves its customers with development and marketing activities. Their main objectives are satisfied customers and growth in customer sales! They will provide solutions and daily operations that meet their customers’ ambitions.

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Today we are opening a new blog category Behind the Scenes where we are going to introduce you to the tools and services we use to manage Koongo’s everyday agenda more effectively. And we start with pretty cool tool which extracts data from your emails (including PDF attachments and more!) and pushes it to the tools like Salesforce, Google Apps, Mailchimp, Facebook, Dropbox, WordPress or Magento and tens of other tools and services.

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