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Hello merchants,

Here in Koongo, we are always looking for an opportunity to help our customers grow their business. Recently, we got in touch with a company called MonkeyData, specializing in data analysis for small and midsize e-commerce merchants. We though it might be worth for you to give a basic information about the MonkeyData and their products.

There’s a one thing that every online store owner should bear in mind: apart from diligence and a little bit of luck there’s one more important ingredient behind every success. Tracking all the facts, aka data analysis.

Nowadays, you can find many useful tools to help you with analytics and to make things a little easier. It is almost necessary to use Google Analytics (not only) to track and report your website traffic. But your online store is not the only useful source of important data. When managing ad campaigns, you’d come across e.g. either Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. You might also be using some email marketing tool to send out your newsletters and special offers, Mailchimp, GetResponse or Soundest just to name a few, or promote your merchandise via social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). But how to keep an eye on all these incredibly valuable data sources?

Easy. Try MonkeyData and get all your data in one place, in clear predefined dashboards! It’s the easiest way to analyze your data and boost your business. The connection is incredibly fast and simple, in just a few clicks, plug & analyze. Without moving a muscle you get all your data fresh and updated 24/7.

Why you’ll love this:

1)     Priceless features. You can set up different currencies for each of your stores, set your timezones freely. Drill down deeper with many detailed eCommerce metrics to keep track of all your KPIs and to know how close you are to reaching your goals. MonkeyData will help you use your data to the fullest.

2)     You can combine metrics and compare time periods which will allow you to see how your business grows and help you to find trends and identify the recurring behaviors of your customers. To get ahead.

3)     According to your own data MonkeyData is able to calculate how your sales will evolve. Thus you can predict future results. And get prepared.

4)     You can share results with your colleagues, whatever part of your data you want to share. This way you’ll be able to keep all the members of your team updated.

5)     MonkeyData will always inform you via smart notifications if any unexpected change appears in your numbers. You’ll get automated reports in your mailbox as often as you need it. You can also quickly create reports manually according to your needs. Simply to stay informed.

6)     MonkeyData mobile app is all you need to check your data and react immediately when needed. Get control anytime, anywhere.

Use your data to the fullest, stay informed and keep your team-mates updated. Get prepared to get ahead of your competitors. Be in control of your business and focus on what’s really important: your product, your customers, your success.

For Koongo clients we have a special 10% discount on MonkeyData subscription. To apply a discount please:

1) Register yourself via following link.

2) Contact us at Koongo support – We provide you the discount coupon.

3) Use the coupon in the subscription activation process.

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