Sooqr became a Koongo Industry Partner!


Sooqr is the fastest (as in instant) and most relevant site search for your e-commerce or content website. SOOQR FOR YOU You, being the owner of a web store or website, want to be in control of what’s happening. You need insights and act accordingly. Sooqr gives you that opportunity with a growing set of tools and metrics.

  • Ranking and improving
  • Extensive near realtime metrics
  • Standard or completely custom
  • Easy to setup
  • All the support you need
  • SaaS, updates and new functionality
  • Multi-language

SOOQR FOR YOUR AUDIENCE Visitors using your site search enjoy fast, relevant results even when they make a typo. That’s what Sooqr offers. You stay in full control of the results. Adjust the settings of your Sooqr to show the results matching your business.

  • Instant results
  • Error tolerance
  • Facets and filters
  • Sorting
  • Multiple views

We are glad we may announce the partnership between Sooqr and Koongo! With Koongo you can now easily connect your e-commerce store to the Sooqr advertising network.

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