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PM Internet

We would like to announce new Koongo partnership with PM Internet Solutions company.

PM Internet Solutions was founded in 2006. The company operates with a team of eight at their office in Weert in The Netherlands. The team not only gives a good mix of experience and expertise but also makes sure they always are up-to-date about their field: new media and internet. Within this field every one of they employees has full understanding of his expertise. PM Internet Solutions only work with certified employees which regularly go take a course to stay up to date with the continuously changing internet techniques.

The PM Internet Solutions have four disciplines:

Web Solutions

Developing and maintaining websites and custom application. ( WordPress, TYPO3 , Zend Framework )

E-commerce Solutions

Developing and maintaining web shops. ( Magento )

Mobile Solutions

Developing and maintaining mobile applications with Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

Network Solutions

Custom webhosting solutions.

For all above named disciplines they will guide you through the whole process, from initial concept until the end of the development, and even further, maintaining and optimizing your web application. Commitment, professionalism, flexibility, personal contact, short lines and their own vision are keywords that make the PM Internet Solutions company. They work for all types of organizations, from non-profit till enterprise. Their sharp eye for detail and guarding the main project lines can be found in their internet concepts. Clear agreements, high quality against a fair price, that is what PM Internet Solutions is all about. They think in solution, not in problems.

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