ARTIO – Koongo Partnership!


We would like to announce new Koongo partnership with ARTIO company.

ARTIO is Czech-Finnish software development company specialized in the implementation of open-source projects and custom development and programming. ARTIO Czech Republic is primarily devoted to development services, while ARTIO Finland is primarily supporting and service provider.

ARTIO is one of the leading teams in Magento development, implementation and customization. They are authors of many Magento implementations, often including advanced customizations, own add-on extensions.

Their primary activity is to implement, deliver and extend existing open-source solutions, but they also offer customized development tailor-made to clients’ needs and requests. They are ready to help you with speed up optimization your site and provide professional support services.

Their clients are from all around the world. Also, their modules for Magento have thousands of customers worldwide. They are ready to provide complex software development for Magento Community or Enterprise edition with their certified Magento developers.

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