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  • Comparison of product feeds modules for Magento


    I guess it is not suprising that we believe Koongo is the best way how to present your products in various product search and price comparison websites. Or at least this is one of the goals we pursue. However, to be 100% honest with you, Koongo is not the only available solution you may choose from. And because we keep an eye on our competitors, here we bring you the comparison of Koongo with other similar services.

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  • New Support & User Reviews


    Koongo strives to provide as fast and high-quality user support as possible. As a Koongo user, you must be sure of where to ask for advice or report a issue you may face to when using any of Koongo services. To achieve these goals, Koongo comes basically with two support channels - Documentation and Support Desk. The later was recently revamped, see below.

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  • Koongo now accepts Bitcoins!


    Have you ever heard about the new currency called Bitcoin? Well, if not and you want to learn more about it, then just watch Bitcoin explainer video or visit Bitcoin.org. And here is nice introduction from Timothy B. Lee at Washington Post.

    Here in Koongo headquarters we like to experiment with new interesting emerging technologies and that's the reason why we decided in cooperation with BitPay to introduce Bitcoin payment network as one of the possible payment methods for Koongo servises. Let's see if we get soon some Bitcoins! :-)

  • New search box on Koongo homepage


    Based on the feedback from our cutomers we have realized that although Koongo supports more than 500 product seach and price comparison world-wide, it may be a bit difficult to figure out if a given feed is supported. Thus, today we present the new search box on Koongo Homepage. Let us know what do you think about it :-).

  • Amazon Integration Feeds by Koongo


    Koongo already supports two Amazon programs for product placement and today we have added another one requested by plenty of our clients. Let's summarize which integration possibilities Koongo offers for Amazon marketplaces.

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  • Zanox became a Koongo Industry Partner!


    Zanox is the leading performance advertising network in Europe. Together with Zanox's partner companies, Affiliate Window, Eprofessional and M4N, Zanox supports more than 4,200 international advertisers in the effective marketing of products and services on the internet.

    What Zanox aims for:

    • To build successful relationships between advertisers and publishers.
    • To provide publishers and advertisers with the most reliable tools and services to support their online success on a performance basis.
    • Trust, network quality and transparency.

    We are glad we may announce the partnership between Zanox and Koongo! With Koongo, you can now easily connect your Magento e-commerce platform to Zanox advertising network, yeah!

  • Mixpanel – user action tracking made easy


    Whit this post we are opening a new category here on Koongo Blog called Behind the Scene. Here we want to publish articles covering the staff in background - from announcing the new upcoming features to publishing of our know-how. Today we would like to introduce Mixpanel - the action tracking servise that we have just implemented in our systems in order to help us to analyze behaviour of our visitors.

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  • New Koongo Explainer Video

    Still not sure what Koongo is all about? Check out our new explainer video! The video was made by geeks from design and art studio Art4Web and their services we can only recommend.

  • Koongo Connector is here!


    The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Koongo Connector version is here! Okay, it may not be THE moment you’ve been waiting for all your life, but it’s a pretty momentous occasion, nonetheless. This version is full of new cool and usefull features - check the list below!
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  • Announcing the partnership with AppShop!


    We are glad we can announce today the partnership with AppShop, the premium provider of Magento extensions.

    What AppShop guys do?

    We've created a home for the Best of Breed Magento Extensions. The
    AppShop sells a selection of superior solutions from Magento's top

    The AppShop is a new venture from WebSHopApps re-selling extensions from
    approved partners.

    WebShopApps is a Platinum Industry Partner with Magento and has grown to
    become the premier provider of shipping extensions around the world.

    We are now launching TheAppShop to give our customers a wider selection of
    quality extensions from other providers.

    Cut through the mass of extensions available today and see those that are
    most useful. Find out who WebShopApps trusts. We are teaming up with some
    of the best extension developers in the world for the launch.

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