How to Successfully Sell on the eBay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace

Firstly, how many times have you been to the eBay marketplace? eBay was born 25 years ago so it has been present online since the internet arrived in our world. Therefore it is one of the oldest and most successful online platforms to make business with. eBay is an American multinational e-commerce platform that is based on consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales. It sells a wide variety of goods (new and used) and services using an online auction system therefore the customers can get good bargains or the seller can have a very good profit depending on the products.

Every day there are about 250 million searches on eBay. They come from all over the world because it operates in over 30 countries where most of its revenue comes from. eBay sells goods for over 90 billion dollars per year and its app has already been downloaded over 500 million times. It is definitely one of the successful platforms for a business in order to get sales and awareness for the products and brand.

Benefits of selling on the eBay marketplace

Why sell on eBay? Firstly everybody knows eBay therefore there is the opportunity to reach a huge audience and potential buyers across the world. Because of the fact that everybody knows eBay then people trust eBay and its sellers. Trust is a very important point when you sell online.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to sell a very wide range of products from A to Z as the range of its catalog is quite extensive so you can list most of the products. You can have fix price listing or a real auction and you decide for how long you want to keep your products online.

The fees can be very low (compared to other market places) and they can depend on the value of the sale. It also offers the chance to sell used and new products for as little as $0.01. You can be a private or professional seller and even if you live in Europe you can sell your products to the USA, therefore, you can sell globally.

Last but not the least, you can personalize the listing description so you can write very good content and make it valuable for your potential customers but also for SEO purposes.

The eBay marketplace can be a good environment to get some extra money from home or start a successful shop on a platform that has a wide audience. It is necessary to have a strategy and to know how eBay works to be competitive.

Things you need before starting the enrollment process:

  • You need to decide if you want a personal or business account.
  • It is important to know the eBay fees for your products before selling them especially if you set an auction listing.
  • Like everywhere else, even on eBay you have the competition, therefore you need to check what the others do (like prices, description, delivery, payments)

Things to consider when selling on the eBay marketplace:

  • It is true that eBay charges low fees for product listing. However, there is a final fee (it is a kind of commission after the sale). It is also low but it depends on the amount that the customer will pay you.
  • Selling on eBay can be easy and fun but you need to treat eBay like a business because it is like selling on a website.
  • People trust eBay because the platform offers a feedback system. If you treat well your customers they will leave you good feedback (and you will have many more customers). But the customers can also leave negative feedback therefore pay attention to what you write in the product description.

What can I sell on the eBay marketplace?

eBay has over 100 million active users per month and you can sell a very wide range of products. From collectibles to fashion, cars, electronics, and items you might use at home.

Although, some items are prohibited therefore it is very important to check what you cannot sell on eBay.

  • You need to verify how the competition works on eBay and how it prices its products.
  • The description needs to be accurate, above all if a product is sold as used.
  • Sometimes you might need some product identifiers, especially if you sell internationally.

Why selling on eBay with Koongo is beneficial?

Koongo is fully integrated with the eBay marketplace. We have implemented an API solution to integrate any store platform with eBay. Your product prices, stock level and new products will be synchronized in few minutes by the means of API. It is possible to have all your orders replicated within your store and Koongo automatically as well. Koongo offers an Order Synchronization feature between eBay and Koongo for Shopify, Magento, Magento 2, Prestashop, Shoplo, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, Logic4, and CCV Shop platforms. You can fulfill all the orders from a single management point (shipment, tracking, returns, invoices) with no need to access eBay to handle any incoming order.

Koongo will keep your data always up to date with an unbeatable update frequency. Any modification you make to your store will be automatically updated for both products and orders. You can adapt your offers, product, and shipping prices before other merchants to offer always the best possible deal.

Koongo’s advanced features

  • Advanced filtering features: You can filter almost everything to export only what is needed. From product attributes to specific keywords. With Koongo, all your attribute data can be used for advanced filtering purposes
  • Category mapping features: You can map your existing categories with the ones provided by the eBay marketplace
  • Transformation features: You can edit and transform all your catalog attribute information and data thanks to Koongo in-built transformation tools; the currency conversion and exchange rate tool, the extended conditional tools, the advanced attribute edition, and the use of regular expressions to perform a product price uplift or attribute edition automatically will definitely improve your data feed quality
  • The API connection keeps all your catalog information updated and the product prices will be customized. It also manages the orders automatically and effortlessly from your Store or Koongo platforms.

As you may know, Koongo is offering full support for more than +500 marketplaces and selling channels worldwide, including eBay. You won’t regret giving Koongo a chance. It fully supports any existing platform from Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, CCV Shop to any 3rd party Custom Platform. You just need to sign up to check how Koongo is capable to boost your sales. There’s no risk associated, 30 days Free Trial period is available.

For more details, you may check the eBay integration manual or contact us at We will be happy to help you with your eBay integration.

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