Announcing Pay as you go pricing policy

Koongo as a Service allows you now to subscribe to a pricing plan called Pay as you go, which is a replacement to the current Basic and Advanced plan. Although the upgrade of your current plan to Pay as you go is not mandatory we strongly encourage you to do it as this way you pay only for the resources you use.

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Meet Magento CZ 2016 – Koongo experience

Over 200 people, 18 speakers, and 20+ sponsors met in Prague, the Czech Republic at the end of March for Meet Magento CZ. Meet Magento is a series of international conferences devoted to Magento, the world’s most popular eCommerce platform. It gathers business owners, merchants, developers and many others who are interested in the Magento platform. Since the Koongo’s Connector for Magento 2 is currently under development Koongo team was not supposed to miss the event.

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The Essentials of Feed and Affiliate Marketing in eCommerce

Feed and Affiliate Marketing is along with API-API integration the main feature of the year 2015. By the means of the Feed and Affiliate Marketing strategy, you may significantly improve organic search results and increase the chances of acquiring new customers. In cooperation with SEOshop (Dutch hosted e-commerce platform) Koongo brings you a guide for Feed and Affiliate Marketing in Dutch and English languages:

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Review of Koongo by

Product feeds are a very important part of my business and I was looking for a product that was reliable. In the end you always have to wait and see, especially when support is needed. I have been using Koongo Connector for Magento for approximately 6 months now and its been a blast. Flawless running and the support keeps surprising me.

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Wyomind Feed Manager VS Koongo Connector

Due to not so long time ago published Comparison of product feed modules for Magento we have recently received several questions what’s the difference between Wyomind Feed Manager and Koongo Connector and why users should use Koongo instead of Wyomind.

Thus, we have performed a comparison of both performance and user experience of both solutions using the same data set. In addition, we bring you an independent experience of a real user who has decided to switch to Koongo from Wyomind.

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