Magento Marketplace approved Connector for Magento 2

Connector for Magento 2

We are happy to announce that the Koongo Connector for Magento 2 was approved by Magento Marketplace. The Koongo Connector passed both technical and marketing review successfully and fulfilled completely all the requirements of the Magento team. The Koongo Connector is listed in the Magento apps store under the Data Feed Management name to be easily recognizable by Magento customers.

This extension is an ultimate data feed management tool integrated directly into the Magento store back-end. Thus you can easily export your product to more than 500 comparison shopping engines, selling channels, marketplaces, and affiliate networks. Product and data feeds are off-the-shelf, ready to export your products to any of the selected channels. No technical background is needed. All available data feed templates are kept up-to-date and distributed online by our Koongo team. The module design is based on Koongo successful products – Connector for Magento 1 (product feed manager for Magento trusted by 4000+ merchants) and Koongo as a Service.

We have a database of CSV, TXT, and XML feed templates for more than 500 channels worldwide.

For KoongoConnector for Magento 2 one-month free trial please visit Koongo websites.

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