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We installed Koongo App for our SEOshop store and set up Amazon channel – in the next three hours we got five orders! Awesome! , says Michael Krueger, CEO of store.

In this success story we bring you an interview with Michael Krueger covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Michael explains why he uses Koongo to connect his SEOshop store to Amazon selling channel.

Michael, tell us about Floeckchenshundeladen.DE store.

We started our online business in October 2013 and we focus on Pet Business – Dog and Cat Owners and our target countries are Austria and Germany. We have about 100 returning customers and about 1000 customers in total. Every month we deliver about 200 orders. Apart from our SEOshop online store we also operate a physical store.

Why do you use SEOshop?

SEOshop enabled us to start very quick our online business. Or you can say it in one sentence: SEOshop is easy to use e-commerce system which everyone can understand directly and the support is great. Before SEOshop we tried German Strato e-commerce platform. The pitfall was very bad handbook, very poor support and difficulty of use.

How much do you pay for your SEOshop store?

We are subscribed to Shop System Large which provides us 5.000 products and that’s pretty enough. The price of 89 € per month is very low in my view since comparable Magento-based store would cost us about 30.0000 €!

What do you think about Koongo App for SEOshop?

Short answer: Support is awesome! Koongo knows exactly how you can export product data from your SEOshop and upload it to the selling channels like Amazon and many others. You can combine attributes, fill in attributes with your own content and create product variants! With Koongo it is really easy to see what I can export – if I like I can export all the product data in any combinations. The biggest advantage I see in the ability to export product variants which are very important for Amazon and all other feeds.

Have you tried any other Feed Marketing Apps?

Before Koongo we tried Beezup software and paid 680 € just for setup (yearly subscription). Beezup says you can export SEOshop product data to Amazon very easy, so paid the money. Then the problem came up -product variants don’t work and product descriptions are not imported well. With Beezup we could not get access to some product attributes from our SEOshop store – with Koongo this is absolutely no issue! We talked to Beezup CEO but no one could help us. We spent a lot of money and we got nothing back. From this perspective, the price 14.95 € for Koongo App is absolutely negligible!

Which channels do you use currently?

Currently we use Amazon and Ebay but in the very near future we will definitely use more channels. Since Koongo supports 500+ product aggregators, affiliate networks and selling channels this is something which will be very easy!

Have you noticed an increase in the number of orders since you installed and set up Koongo App?

YES! When we set up our Amazon channel we got in the next 3 hours 5 orders! Awesome. .

Any other suggestions how to improve Koongo platform?

I would appreciate tracking of channel performance. Ability to track visitors coming from given channel authority. We think this should have top priority. Performance is the best way to justify the investment in Koongo and test new feeds.

Says Michael Krueger from Thanks a lot Michael!


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