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Amazon PL

Amazon has just announced the launch of its platform in Poland where it started to work in 2014. The American marketplace plans to enhance the shopping experience to its Polish customers with a dedicated website as The local businesses will be able to reach a wider number of customers in both Poland and worldwide.

Potential of Amazon in Poland

Surely Amazon sees a lot of potential in the Polish region. Amazon, being the largest employer in the country, has already created nearly 20000 jobs in its 9 fulfillments locations and Polish offices. A new fulfilment center will also be opened in 2021 and it will be creating 1000 new full time jobs.
Amazon has four pillars that drive its worldwide success:

  • customer obsession
  • passion for invention
  • operational excellence
  • long term thinking

Therefore Amazon will bring to Poland its most successful innovations and services like Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfilment by Amazon, AWS.

Opportunities With Amazon in Poland

Hence, the launch of Amazon Poland is a great opportunity for the sellers that are from the rest of EU because they will be available to sell in Poland. Amazon has already been selling Polish products in EU. The new launch will also bring a consumer retail offer for the Polish consumers. The Polish market will then benefit of the Amazon experience and service with low prices, vast selection and fast delivery. Small Polish businesses will also be able to use those tools to enhance the customer experience, grow in the market and increase their profits. This is a new way to do shopping that will be very much appreciated by customers and sellers in the Polish market.

Amazon Poland is reducing referral fees for 12 months

The reduction differs across the supported categories, for example: 10% referral fees (instead of 15%) for Home & Kitchen, Sports & Outdoors, Clothing & Shoes, and 5% referral fees (instead of 7%) for Computers and Consumer Electronics.

Click here to view the new promotional fees.

Amazon Poland and Koongo Integration

Koongo will offer over 20 product feeds for the Amazon marketplace in Poland. All our product feeds are pre-defined with product size, color, material, gender, display, composition and also many other specific attributes. Those mandatory attributes will vary in specific product category feed type therefore some adjustments are needed such as:

  • mapping Amazon categories
  • shipping cost settings
  • mapping additional attributes
  • product price modification

Amazon Order Synchronization

You will be able to synchronize your Amazon orders with your store and you will also manage all ordering details such as confirmation, shipping, tracking, and cancellation. Koongo already works on other Amazon regions and it imports the Amazon orders automatically into the stores. We also sync the inventory. In addition, you can process your Amazon orders just like your regular ones. This order synchronization service will also be available for Amazon in the Polish market at the same way.

Automatic order management reduces your workload and saves you time.

Amazon order synchronization is available for Koongo supported e-commerce platforms like for example:

30-day FREE Koongo trial

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