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Amazon publicly released the Netherlands marketplace, Dutch shoppers can purchase products from With listings written in Dutch.

Over 100 million products from 30 different categories are available on the Amazon Dutch marketplace. Inventory sold on Amazon Netherlands is stored in Amazon warehouses in Germany.

A few months earlier, Amazon had already announced that Dutch and foreign brand manufacturers and retailers could register for the So, they’ll be able to start selling immediately.

Read more about in Amazon’s press release.

Potential of Amazon Netherlands

The launch of the Amazon Netherlands marketplace is exciting. Since the Netherlands is rapidly growing into one of the most important European countries for e-commerce.

According to Amazon, more than 9 out of 17 million Dutch residents use e-commerce. Amazon reported that online turnover in the Netherlands was 23.7B in 2018. Despite a considerably smaller population, the Netherlands online expense per capita is 273% higher than Italy and 138% higher than Spain.

For those reasons, the Netherlands represents a great opportunity to reach a wider audience with high selling potential.

Amazon Netherlands Catalog Is Expanding

The translation of German products into Dutch has already been taking place for several years. Amazon is thus becoming a serious competitor to the current Dutch market leader which had a turnover of 2.1 billion euros in 2018.

The selection process presumably prioritizes the best sellers from EU marketplaces. Sellers who own the ASINs selected for migration can choose to opt them out. But at this time, they cannot request specific ASINs to be added to the migration list.

The migrated ASINs are “localized”. This means that Amazon’s translation team runs them through software to change the language to Dutch. Localization does not incur a fee.

Opportunities With

With over 4 million customers, the leading marketplace in the Netherlands shows the relevance of the Dutch online market.

Amazon will offer Dutch customers a strong shopping experience. The selling and growth potential target through targeted Amazon marketing is very high. You can secure sustainable competitive advantages through a professional strategy with market analysis, keyword optimization, SEO content, and A+ content. If Amazon advertising is also released in the Netherlands, your product data should already be at a high level in order to have a chance to get as many paid clicks as possible and use them as efficiently. Koongo Integration

Koongo offers 20+ product feeds for marketplace. All product feeds are pre-defined with product size, color, material, gender, display, composition, and many other specific attributes. Those mandatory attributes will vary in specific product category feed type. Some adjustments are needed such as:

  • mapping Amazon categories
  • shipping cost settings
  • mapping additional attributes
  • product price modification Order Synchronization

Synchronize your orders with your store. And manage all ordering details such as confirmation, shipping, tracking, and cancellation. Koongo imports your Amazon orders automatically into your store. And syncs your inventory. You can process Amazon orders just like your regular ones.

Automatic order management reduces your workload and saves you time.

Amazon order synchronization is available for Koongo supported e-commerce platforms like:

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