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Shipping via is a service that Bol offers to its clients. This service has two main advantages. Firstly, commits to ship the products sold on its platform at low delivery costs. Secondly, its clients do not have the shipping responsibility anymore. 

When Can You Use Shipping via 

Can you always use shipping service? It depends on. There are some guidelines to respect.

  • Your company needs to be located in the Netherlands. 
  • You need to work via the sales account or the retailer API version 4 (or higher). 
  • If you work with one or more intermediaries they must also support the delivery service. 
  • The items must fit within the maximum packaging dimensions of PostNL.
  • You cannot ship more than 5 roll containers of orders per day.

What Do You Have to do?

Shipping by takes responsibility for the delivery away from you but do you have to do anything for the delivery?
Yes, you need to just a few things.

  • Buy the Shipping via shipping stamps.   
  • Bring the packages to a PostNL point. 
  • Work at least from Monday to Friday. and Koongo

Koongo and are fully integrated with an API solution. Koongo offers an order synchronization with Bol. Therefore it will be possible to fulfill the orders from a single management point. Koongo has an unbeatable update frequency so your data will always be on track.

Why Don’t You Try Koongo With the Shipping via

Koongo is very reliable and convenient. The starting price is as low as 19€ per month. You can update your subscription at any time according to your business needs. So why don’t you try Koongo and enroll with the shipping via Bol service?

Moreover, there’s no risk associated because a 30 days Free Trial period is available and you will have the time to set up your profile and test Koongo before the paying period.

For more details, you may contact us at We’ll be happy to help you with your Bol accounts.

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