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  • Koongo Service now available also for Magento users!


    We are thrilled we announce today the availability of Koongo Service also for Magento users! So far, Service has been available only to SEOshop, Shopify, CCVshop, CS.cart and Prestashop but not to Magento users as for Magento-based retailers we have been offering only the stand-alone extension for Magento, called Koongo Connector for Magento. Hence, since today on we offer two solutions for Magento-based merchants - Connector and Service. Let's briefly review the differencies between those two solutions so you can decide which solution suits you best.

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  • HostingXS.nl - the ultimate Magento webhosting


    Today we announce a new partner from the segment of webhosting providers - HostingXS, the Dutch experts in Magento hosting. As Koongo serves 3000+ Magento-based users in Netherlands we believe HostingXS might be of special interest for all our users.

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  • Automatic integration with Amazon through API. Hell Yeah!


    Today, another milestone has been reached - since now, Koongo supports fully automatic integration with Amazon through the means of API on both sides. That means Magento, SEOshop, Biedmeer, Shopify and CS.cart users can publish and sell products on Amazon within couple of clicks!

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  • The Essentials of Feed and Affiliate Marketing in eCommerce


    Feed and Affiliate Marketing is along with API-API integration the main feature of the year 2015. By the means of the Feed and Affiliate Marketing strategy you may significantly improve organic search results and increase the chances of acquiring new customers. In cooperation with SEOshop (Dutch hosted e-commerce platform) Koongo brings you a guide for Feed and Affiliate Marketing in Dutch and English languages:

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  • New office in Spain!


    We are entering the year 2015 with couple of new offices around Europe and today we announce Koongo office in Spain! To sum it up, Koongo now operates actively in Netherlands, Denmark, France and Spain. We introduce you also Raül Navarro, our new Regional Business Manager for Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. Check out our new Spanish website or Spanish blog.

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  • SEOshop App of the year 2014


    Our Koongo App for SEOshop competes in SEOshop App of the year 2014! Year 2014 was awesome for us here at Koongo and we have got hunders of new users. Thanks for you support!

    Now, vote for Koongo and help us to win App of the year 2014! (Scroll down the page and click the checkbox in the right up corner.)

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  • Sell on Amazon. Globally. Tips for Success


    With over 2 million online retailers selling over Amazon a billion of different items across the various different countries Amazon is one of the most powerful, globally recognized online marketplaces in world. Benefits of Amazon include payment processing, fraud protection, an innovative self-service platform, large volumes of traffic and frontline customer service. Find out how you can start selling on Amazon global marketplaces with Koongo and how to beat your competitors.

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  • Submitting product feeds via FTP


    We have just rolled out a new feature – Feed Submission via FTP which allows you to set up a FTP connection for product feed submission. It’s quite important feature since significant part of product search and price comparison websites allows you to submit product feeds using FTP. This way, you can fully automate product updates on those selling channels.

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  • Announcing partnership with Schepnet


    Today we announce a partnership with Schepnet, Koongo strategic partner in the area of online marketing.

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  • 7 tips for sellers getting started with Rakuten


    Rakuten is one of the most powerful, globally recognized online marketplaces. With over 40.000 online retailers selling over a billion different items across the various different Rakuten sites, it is no wonder that more and more sellers are looking to list their products with such a huge online retail giant. With such a vast range of sellers and products, how can you compete to ensure that your Rakuten listings are a cut above the rest? What do online retailers need to do to ensure they’re getting the most out of their listings on Rakuten? Well, we bring you a few tips!

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