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  • Devilfish - Solution partner for Danish market


    We are glad we can announce today a new partnership with Devilfish! Devilfish became our most important Solution partner for Danish market.

    The main focus of the guys from Devilfish is development and webdesign for Magento e-commerce. Beside of Magento, Devilfish has a lot of experiences with Wordpress, Typo3, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla and Drupal.

    Have a look at Danish Koongo webpresentatio!

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  • Koongo Store has been launched!


    A couple of weeks ago we launched new Koongo Store - the ultimate source of all Koongo-related services. Here you can buy all Koongo connectors, support services and custom feed layouts. But that' s not all! In a few days we will announce the plugins for our connector that extend the basic connector functionality and allow you to integrate Koongo connectors with other 3rd party modules (such as shipping and ERP modules).

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  • Announcing Koongo Solution Partner - Magdeveloper


    We are glad we can invite on board our new Solution partner, the Magdeveloper, based in Netherland. The main focus of Magdeveloper is product data synchronization between various providers. Magdeveloper provides fully automated data import services from world's leading suppliers for Magento webshops. Easily import, manage and synchronize all your suppliers' prices and stocks data in minutes via the easy to use Magento Live-Sync cloud platform. Try it out for FREE!

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  • Koongo Connector Sneak Peek Preview


    Koongo Connector for Magento version is just about to be released and today we bring you the overview of the two most important improvements introduced in this version:

    • Advanced attribute filter
    • Advanced shipping cost export

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  • Partner Program Revamped


    Here in Koongo headquarters we understand that building a strong network of various partners is crucial for the success of every project. We decided to divide possible partners in four categories, depending on the goals and capabilities of given partner.

    The list of Koongo Partners has just started to grow, so don´t miss the oppurtunity and become Koongo Partner!

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  • Go international and get cross-border sales


    Koongo makes it easy to sell internationally!

    Today we would like to stress the importance of cross-border selling and what Koongo can do for you in order to increase your international sales. In other words, how to generate international sales that you are not currently getting? The term  "cross-border order" means that the order is placed by shopper living in one country, while the package is shiped by the retailer from a different country.

    Presently, Koongo offers you many ways how to sell internationaly! Koongo is integrated with several global online marketplaces that span across the Europien, Asian, US and Australia markets. Let's investigate a bit the most important global marketplaces presently supported by Koongo.

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  • Koongo Introduction in Dutch, French and German

    We have started to translate PDF presentation of Koongo to other languages, since we want to show you clearly our sincere interest in our possible partnership with partners all around the world. However, if you don't mind, please comunicate with us in English language, since we are Czech company and the majority of us speak English. On the other hand, if you feel more comfortable in your native language, don't hesitate to use your native language!

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  • Announcing Koongo API

    The Koongo API (Application Programming Interface) allows third-party applications to interact with Koongo instance programmatically. This is the way the external applications communicate and exchange information with Koongo. The Koongo API is language-independent so it does not matter what programming language a developer uses, he/she can connect to Koongo through the API by making simple calls. These calls enable working with the number of Koongo features such as Feed collections, Feed layouts, Feed taxonomies and some more.

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  • Increase your sales with Aukro auction hall


    Aukro.cz is the most famous and biggest Czech online auction and selling hall that covers today also the Slovak, Hungarian, Byelorussian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Kazakh, Russian and  Ukrainian e-commerce market and offers you an easy way how to reach the milions of new customers and buyers from the middle and east Europe. Moreover, Aukro belongs to the Allegro Group which focuses on e-commerce and online marketing in general and in turn belongs to Naspers, the truly global e-commerce player.

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  • Koongo University - feeds, channels and websites

    Here in Koongo we distinguish between several types of online marketplaces and platforms and we believe that the differences are of reasonable importance. Specifically, they differ from the point of view of the integreation possibilities with your e-commerce platform.

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