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  • dNovo ICT became Koongo partner


    dNovo ICT is a young and dynamic company based in Hengelo, Netherlands with main focus is on the development and implementation of Magento and osCommerce ecommerce solutions. dNovo guys are experts in in optimizing conversions, provide innovative design, implement websites and interactive web applications.

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  • Taurus Media become Solution partner


    Taurus is a young and innovative e-commerce Dutch agency that is experienced in offering full-service Magento-based webshops. Taurus Media can design your store, help you to expand your business behind the borders of one country, provide advices and support based on previous experience with tens of Magento-based webshops.

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  • New integration with Shopify!


    Today we announce a new integration app for Koongo - this time for Shopify e-commerce platform. From now on more than 100.000 Shopify store owners can take the advantage of Koongo and its 500+  selling channels, affiliate networks and product aggregators.

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  • Younify become Koongo Solution Partner!


    Today we announce a new partnership with Younify - The Ultimate Magento Specialists! If you run a Magento-based store in the Netherlands and you face some issue running your Magento store get in touch with them! You hardly find an agency with stronger dedication to Magento in the Netherlands.

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  • Hundeladen.de – SEOshop + Koongo + Amazon


    "We installed Koongo App for our SEOshop store and set up Amazon channel – in the next three hours we got five orders! Awesome! ", says Michael Krueger, CEO of Floeckchenshundeladen.de store.

    In this success story we bring you an interview with Michael Krueger covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Michael explains why he uses Koongo to connect his SEOshop store to Amazon selling channel.

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  • Ergowerken.nl - SEOshop and Koongo


    "We have absolutely noticed an increase in the number of orders since we installed and set up Koongo App for our SEOshop store.", says Tim Broere, the owner of Ergowerken.nl.

    In this success story we bring you an interview with Tim Broere covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Tim explains why he uses SEOshop and Koongo and where he sees the most important advantages of the kombo SEOshop + Koongo.

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  • Google Shopping Update


    Since Google Shopping has recently announced an update of its product data file (i.e. feed layout) we took adequate steps and updated Google Shopping feed in our Koongo database. Although your current set up Google channels remain working without any problems, we encourage you update your Google channels to stay ahead of your competitors since Google ranks the sellers with more accurate and up-to-date product data feed higher and thus you have higher chance to attract the attention of new customers!

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  • Attribute and category filters, Category mapping


    Based on requests we received in the last couple of weeks we announce the availability of following news features available in Koongo Apps for SEOshop and Biedmeer.

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  • New version of Koongo Connector for Magento!


    We are glad we can announce today a new version of our Koongo Connector for Magento - the version This release contains serious bug fixes and user experience improvements and solves some compatibility issues with the latest versions of Magento Community and Enterprise.

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  • Marketing Totaal joins Koongo Partner Network


    Marketing Totaal is a Dutch e-commerce agency focuisng on SEO, Google Adwords, online and affiliate marketing, feed marketing and media analytics. Thus, we are glad we can announce our partnership since there is a perfect overlap between the areas of interest of Marketing Totaal and the features and tools that Koongo provides.

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