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Synchronize orders with your CCV Shop! Order sync functionality is available for the online marketplaces listed below:

Order synchronization enables merchants to sync their orders with their CCV Shop store. All products sold on any of those online marketplaces are updated in the CCV Shop continuously so that the number of items available in your store is always up-to-date. This ensures that merchants never advertise out-of-stock products and waste money on clicks that won’t convert. It also saves merchants time, since they no longer have to manually update their store when an item is sold on any of those channels. On top of that, merchants can check all order-data from Koongo.

Benefits of the Koongo CCV Shop solution

  • More than 500 comparison websites, online marketplaces or affiliate channels supported – it allows to increase the traffic to your CCV Shop by publishing your product data on various channels.
  • Order sync integration – available for Amazon,,, and Miinto. Other channels are coming soon – e.g eBay, CDiscount, and
  • Various channels API integration – available for Amazon,, Marktplaats Admarkt,, Beslist, Miinto and others.
  • Advanced filter option – export selected product data based on the attribute or category filtering.
  • Mapping categories feature – map your store categories easily to related channel categories to get higher ranking of your products.
  • Google Analytics Integration – the CCV Shop app can be easily integrated with the Google Analytics service – it allows you to analyze the performance statistics of your products.
  • Always up-to-date product data feeds – the feed templates are updated on regular basis to cover the latest changes in feed template specification.
  • Free trial available – you can test the Koongo service within the month of the app installation for free!

The order sync apps are limited to 5000 products. For unlimited product option you can install also the Feed and Affiliate Marketing Tool app.

To get more information about CCV Shop order synchronization please contact the Koongo representative.

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