New version of Koongo Connector for Magento!

Connector for Magento version 6.4.0

We are glad we can announce today a new version of our Koongo Connector for Magento – the version This release contains serious bug fixes and user experience improvements and solves some compatibility issues with the latest versions of Magento Community and Enterprise.

Although Koongo was transformed in “Software as a Service” platform with the first connectors available for SEOshop, Biedmeer, and Shopify e-commerce platforms, we decided to release a new version of the Koongo Connector for Magento still under the old business model (i.e. “module for Magento”). This is very likely the last version of the so far well-accepted module for Magento. The next evolutionary step of this module will be its transformation into truth Magento connector for the “Koongo as a Service” platform.

How to upgrade?

Thus, we encourage you to take the advantage of the new version and upgrade your current connector as soon as possible, since from now on we provide support only for version.

Get Trial version for FREE in 30 seconds!

The latest connector version comes with significantly simplified process of Trial version activation:

  1. Download & Install connector package (NOW without registration).
  2. Activate your connector straight in your backend in just 2 clicks!
  3. Create an Export profile using pre-defined feed XML templates.

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