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MagentoSucces: ensures that web-shops make the most of every opportunity!

MagentoSucces is a website for new web-shop owners. This platform brings together a variety of web-shop owners, marketeers and Magento developers so that they can exchange knowledge and come up with new ideas. It is a rich source of information and inspiration for novice retailers. The blog articles and the free e-book “Magento Web-shop Success” present the most important topics: all aspects of web-shop marketing, dealing with customers and entrepreneurship. This is instructive and useful to all new web retailers, but the Magento retailer will truly appreciate the value of MagentoSucces.

It provides information about the newest modules and links, about installing Koongo, for example, and an endless number of tips and tricks to make their shop more convenient, faster and better. They can also post questions on MagentoSucces that are then answered by experienced Magento engineers.

Alongside the knowledge platform, MagentoSucces is developing the One-Step-Magento. This system makes it possible to set up a Magento shop with one click of the mouse. If you decide to buy it, you could realize your first sales within 24 hours.

It includes everything you need to build a successful web-shop. It is a professional Magento shop with a template, payment methods and a link with PostNL, OneStepCheckout, a connection on Google Analytics, an invoice, a delivery note, packing list and a hosting package.

The idea for One-Step-Magento came from the demand from new web-retailers for a system to support the fast, professional and yet affordable set up of a new Magento shop. This led Chris Boer, a web-shop developer specialized in Magento, to a ready-to-use Magento installation combined with a platform for knowledge and inspiration for web-shop marketing. He asked Chris van de Graaf, internet entrepreneur and owner of 123Drogisterij, to contribute his experience with web-shops.

Together they made the ultimate Magento web-shop into which every technical gadget has been incorporated. A web-shop that is optimised for Google and for enticing visitors to buy. A web-shop that ensures that you can catch up with a competitor (who starts with a standard Magento installation) within a week.  And above all, they have developed a shop that makes it fun and accessible for the user to start a web-shop.

Of course, all retailers that use One-Step-Magento can take all their questions and experiences to MagentoSucces. The founders have therefore created a community in which start-up web-retailers can rapidly develop to become experiences, successful internet entrepreneurs.

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