Mage2Go: An alternative for long and expensive Magento 2 projects


Mage2Go is an e-commerce service that makes the transition to Magento 2 a piece of cake. The service offers a Magento 2 webshop for a low monthly fee including hosting, updates, and maintenance.

Koongo is happy to be part of the Mage2Go project. And provide the Koongo Connector as a data feed solution for Mage2Go users. Mage2Go service is a great alternative for Magento 1 users who want to migrate easily to Magento 2.

Mage2Go service is possible to combine with both Koongo solutions for Magento 2, Koongo service and Connector for Magento 2.

About Mage2Go

Many Magento 1 shops have still not made the switch to Magento 2 or another platform, while the end date of Magento 1 is quickly coming closer. According to Mike de Landgraaf, owner of Mage2Go, the service of Mage2Go is a solution for various parties. “Existing Magento 1 shops as well as web- and marketing agencies can launch a Magento 2 shop at short notice. We see that the lack of time on the agency side is an issue, but the often large investment is also mentioned by the customer. We offer an affordable solution and yet the quality of Magento 2”.

Magento 2 without restrictions and including additional functionalities

With the Mage2Go panel, it is possible to configure your ideal webshop yourself. With a basic Magento 2 installation and the extensions you choose from the selection of modules, it is possible to launch a Magento 2 shop in a short time. The average time is between two and six weeks.

Some advantages are:

  • Low start-up costs
  • Monthly fixed amount
  • Including hosting, updates, and maintenance
  • Optional packages for data migration, configuration, and design
  • Unlimited number of stores
  • Only the best modules from partners such as Amasty and Koongo

The price tag of Mage2Go

The price of Mage2Go depends on the chosen extensions and the hosting. A basic shop is available from €350 per month. This includes updates, patches and hosting and the minimum period is 12 months. In addition to the monthly fee, you pay a one-time fee for the license costs of the chosen extensions. If you want the support in setting up your shop, you can still choose for optional service packages. These service packages are available for configuration, design and data migration of your Magento 1 store.

Mage2Go and Koongo

By working together with Koongo and other partners, Mage2Go offers a secure, reliable platform. You can only choose from extensions and themes from these renowned parties.

“Koongo offers quality and flexibility for the customer, exactly what we have in mind with Mage2Go”, says Mike de Landgraaf.

Curious about Mage2Go? It is always possible to get advice from one of the Magento specialists of Mage2Go to create a perfectly composed shop. For more information about Mage2Go please visit or contact us via

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