Mage One: Stay on Magento 1 a Little Longer


Do want to run your Magento 1 store and Koongo Connector for Magento a little longer? But you do not want to miss out on security and compatibility with current technologies?

Then, use the service of a new Koongo partner, Mage One.

Mage One provides patches for Magento 1 beginning in July 2020. It includes security patches for your Magento 1 store as well as PHP, MySQL, and Apache patches.

Mage One is a company founded to extend the support for Magento 1 after Adobe announced the End of Life (EOL) in June 2020.

How does Mage One work?

  1. Sign up for a contract
    First, you sign a contract with Mage One. The service costs depend on the turnover generated by the shop. You can check the prices on the Mage One website. Or contact Mage One directly at
  2. Get information about new patches
    As a customer of Mage One, you get a Magento extension that announces new patches in the admin of your Magento shop. Mage One also notifies you by email.
  3. Install Magento patches
    The patches are installed by the agency, the programmer, or the freelancer of your Magento shop operator.
  4. Install QPS extension
    Additionally Mage One provides a QPS extension. This extension checks server requests for malicious content. And stops the request if malicious content is found in the request (SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, …).

Koongo Connector for Magento 1

Additionally, Koongo continues to provide up-to-date versions of the Koongo Connector for Magento 1.

Check the latest Connector for Magento 1, version 7.0.0.

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