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Discover how Koongo can be the key to unlocking your potential for growth on the Leroy Merlin marketplace. With Koongo, effortlessly handle your product listings and orders, all while supercharging your revenue and brand performance. Learn why Koogno is the ideal bridge connecting your product data with Leroy Merlin.

Leroy Merlin marketplace, a global home improvement, decoration and gardening retailer, offers a fantastic platform for businesses looking to showcase and sell their products to a broad and diverse customer base. If you have innovative home improvement, construction, decoration, or gardening products, this guide will walk you through the steps to start selling your products through Leroy Merlin.

The Leroy Merlin Story

Leroy Merlin’s journey began in France in 1923 when Adolphe Leroy and Rose Merlin opened a small hardware store in the northern town of Lille. Over the decades, the company steadily grew, expand/ing its product offerings and opening stores across Europe and beyond.

Leroy Merlin locations

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Leroy Merlin stores are available in various countries in Europe. For example, channels like:

  • Leroy Merlin France

  • Leroy Merlin Spain

  • Leroy Merlin Italy

  • Leroy Merlin Portugal

  • Leroy Merlin Poland

Benefits of Leroy Merlin marketplaces

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Selling your products through Leroy Merlin, a renowned home improvement, DYI and gardening retailer, can offer several benefits for businesses. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Large and Diverse Customer Base: Leroy Merlin attracts many customers, from homeowners and DIY enthusiasts to professional contractors. This diverse customer base provides a substantial market for your products.

  2. Increased Visibility: Being associated with a well-known and respected brand like Leroy Merlin can significantly boost your product’s visibility and credibility in the construction industry.

  3. Access to Physical Stores: If your products are featured in Leroy Merlin’s physical stores, you can access a network of brick-and-mortar locations, increasing your reach and potential sales.

  4. Online Presence: Leroy Merlin also has a robust online presence, allowing you to tap into the growing e-commerce market. Your catalogue can be showcased on their website, reaching customers beyond the confines of physical stores.

  5. Expertise and Support: Leroy Merlin often provides support and guidance to its suppliers. You can benefit from their expertise in marketing, merchandising, and customer engagement.

  6. Brand Recognition: Associating your products with Leroy Merlin can enhance your brand’s reputation, recognition and strong presence, which can be particularly valuable if you are a smaller or newer company.

  7. International Reach: If Leroy Merlin operates in multiple countries, you may have the opportunity to expand your reach to international markets through their network of stores. Even large companies can quickly expand abroad and improve sales significantly.

  8. Collaborative Opportunities: Leroy Merlin may collaborate with suppliers on promotions, events, or exclusive product launches, providing additional exposure for your products.

  9. Steady Marketplace: If your products align with Leroy Merlin’s offerings, it can provide a consistent and reliable marketplace, helping stabilize your revenue and turnover.

  10. Feedback and Improvement: Engaging with Leroy Merlin allows you to gather valuable feedback from customers and the retailer itself. This information can be used to improve your products and services and improve customer satisfaction.

  11. Sustainability Initiatives: Leroy Merlin often promotes eco-friendly and sustainable products. If your products align with these values, you can benefit from their commitment to environmental responsibility.

  12. Long-Term Partnerships: Establishing a successful relationship with Leroy Merlin can lead to long-term partnerships, providing a stable platform for growth.

It’s important to note that while there are many advantages to advertising through Leroy Merlin, the specific benefits can vary depending on factors such as your product category, quality, and the terms of your partnership. Before proceeding, carefully research and evaluate how Leroy Merlin aligns with your goals and product offerings.

Sell on Leroy Merlin’s marketplace with Koongo

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Embark on your journey to sell your products through the Leroy Merlin marketplace with the assistance of Koongo. Koongo is your strategic partner in seamlessly connecting your product offerings to the Leroy Merlin platform, unlocking a world of opportunities for your business.

With Koongo, you gain access to a powerful tool and features designed to streamline the selling process on Leroy Merlin:

  1. Effortless Product Integration: Koongo simplifies the process of integrating your product data catalogue with Leroy Merlin Mirakl systems, ensuring that your listings are accurate and up to date.

  2. Optimize Data Management: Manage product data with precision, including attributes like titles, descriptions, images, categories, EAN codes, and URLs, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

  3. Attribute Mapping: Easily map your shop’s attributes to Leroy Merlin’s specific attributes and categories, ensuring seamless compatibility and a smooth product listing experience.

  4. Data Enhancement: Utilize Koongo to enhance your product data by merging or extracting information from attribute values, ensuring that your listings are rich and informative.

  5. Koongo Macro Editor: Leverage the power of the Koongo Macro editor to fine-tune and optimize your product information, providing customers with accurate and valuable details. You can easily modify your product prices or stock information to fit your Leroy Merlin account needs.

  6. Localization: Tailor your product listings to specific Leroy Merlin locations, whether it’s in France, Italy, Spain, or other regions, with specialized CSV product feeds.

  7. Streamlined Your Sales: Koongo helps simplify order and inventory management, allowing you to complete your sales efficiently and focus on growing your business.

By partnering with Koongo, you’ll unlock the full potential of the Leroy Merlin sales channels and improve your brand performance. It’s time to expand your reach and maximize your revenue with a trusted and efficient solution. Contact Leroy Merlin and create an account there. Start your journey on Leroy Merlin today with Koongo as your trusted companion.

How can I start to sell on Leroy Merlin?

Start your Koongo 30-day free trial and upload your product data to Koongo. Then, check the Leroy Merlin guide on how to set up Leroy Merlin channel integration. Koongo supports additional selling channels like Google Shopping, Amazon or eBay. If you have any questions, please reach out at

We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that your experience with Leroy Merlin marketplace and Koongo is exceptional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of selling on the Leroy Merlin?

Leroy Merlin is a well-known home improvement and construction retail company with a strong presence in several countries, including France, Spain, and others. This marketplace also operates an online marketplace where third-party sellers can list their products.

How do I contact Leroy Merlin?

To contact Leroy Merlin, visit their official website and look for a “Contact Us” or “Customer Support” section. You can find a phone number, email address, or contact form to reach out. Alternatively, check their social media profiles, visit a local store, or use any available mobile app or online chat for assistance.

How to integrate Leroy Merlin with my online shop?

To integrate this marketplace through Koongo:

  1. Sign up for a Koongo account.

  2. Connect your e-commerce platform to Koongo – platform integration guides

  3. Set up a product feed within Koongo – integration guide

  4. Customize and optimize your product data.

  5. Submit your product data to Leroy Merlin.

  6. Monitor and maintain your listings.

  7. Handle orders and customer service.

  8. Continuously optimize and expand your product catalogue.

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