Koongo as a Service – New attribute mapping table style


As part of the continuous improvement of Koongo products we’d like to announce the implementation of the new attribute mapping table style for Koongo as a Service. We modified the previous version of the attribute mapping table style to make it more user-friendly and more intuitive for the Koongo users and the attribute processing is smoother and faster.

The major changes are:

  1. The basic attribute list was modified to make the attribute mapping table setup as much intuitive as possible
  2. The attribute advanced setting is available via the “Settings” button. This modification replaced the “simple – advanced view” style of the attribute mapping table
  3. For the Attribute Composition option, we added a bunch of predefined macro options
  4. The dynamic transformation was modified to make the transformation option user friendly. Now it’s possible easily to add/remove any part of the text from the product Description attribute for all products imported into Koongo.

For more information please check the Koongo documentation or you can contact us at

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