Introducing new partner – The Fruugo

Introducing new partner - The Fruugo

Today we would like to introduce our new industry partner – the Fruugo Marketplace. With Fruugo Connector for Magento you can seamlessly connect your Magento store to Fruugo marketplace. The connector is available for FREE here:

The details of our partnership you may find in following PDF documents:

What does Fruugo say?

Fruugo is a unique, global online marketplace for retailers and for shoppers. We already operate in 23 countries across the globe, with more opening soon. We seamlessly operate in all languages, all currencies, and all major payment methods. We enable you to sell internationally yet receive your local currency directly into your bank account. It feels ”local” but it’s truly global.

Fruugo is a place where shoppers in one country can buy from multiple retailers in multiple countries, all in one basket.

Fruugo allows people to shop cross-border in their own language, their own currency, and using their preferred payment methods.

Fruugo makes cross-border shopping simple and enjoyable for the shopper, and very straightforward for you, the retailer.

Fruugo gets international shoppers for you. The ONLY cost is a commission on each of the orders we generate for you.

There are no sign-up fees, no monthly recurring fees, and no cost-per-click fees – there’s simply a commission on each order we get for you.

It’s really that simple; NO SALE = NO FEE!

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