How to Sell on Spartoo

How to sell on Spartoo

Why should you sell on Spartoo? Spartoo is a 15 years young French fashion company with more than 14 million unique visitors per month in Europe. It has quickly become one of the most successful online fashion retailers in Europe.

Spartoo has a solid presence in more than 30 countries including France, Germany, England, Italy, and Spain. It also works with more than 3,500 brands and 300,000 models therefore it is very important to appear on Spartoo. Spartoo has more than 450 million registered users and 331 million online shoppers across more than 12 languages.

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Benefits to Sell on Spartoo Marketplace

Spartoo is the first marketplace specialized in shoes and fashion. You can sell all that is about fashion on Spartoo so from beauty and cosmetics to bags, shoes, accessories, and more.

Spartoo can provide a great awareness to your brand because it is present in many countries. Therefore you can have access to international markets and immediately increase the number of the countries where you sell improving your profit.

Your clients have 30 days’ return and some countries have free returns so you can provide very good customer service. French-speaking countries have more benefits from this point of view.

You can use the EAN codes to guarantee better visibility of your brand and products. It is not mandatory but it is highly recommended

It is possible to use high-quality pictures and product descriptions in order to make your products shine.

Spartoo is responsible for customer service in all countries and has an anti-fraud system in place to reduce risks and costs

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Things to Consider If You Sell on Spartoo

Spartoo will allow you to sell your fashion goods but there are some costs involved.

You might have to pay some commissions to Spartoo:

  • 20% commission on monobrands
  • 15% commission on multibrands
  • 15% commission on beauty/cosmetics (without monthly fee)

Why selling on Spartoo with Koongo is beneficial?

Koongo is fully integrated with the Spartoo marketplace. It has recently implemented an API solution to integrate any store platform with Spartoo. Your product prices, stock level, and new products will be synchronized, by API in real-time. It is possible to have all your orders replicated within your store and Koongo automatically as well. Koongo also offers an Order Synchronization feature between Spartoo and Koongo for Shopify, Magento, and CCV Shop platforms. You can fulfill the orders from a single management point (shipment, tracking, returns, invoices) without accessing Spartoo to handle any incoming order.

Koongo keeps your data always up to date with an unbeatable update frequency both for products and orders to automatically update any modification is made to your store. You will have the chance to adapt your offers, product, and shipping prices before other merchants. In this way, you will always offer the best possible deal.

Other advanced features from Koongo

  • Advanced filtering features: You can filter almost everything to export only what you need. From product attributes to specific keywords. If you use Koongo, you can use all your attribute data for advanced filtering purposes.
  • Category mapping: You can map your existing categories with the ones provided by Spartoo marketplace
  • Transformation features: You can edit and transform all your catalog attribute information and data using the Koongo in-built transformation tool. The currency conversion and exchange rate tool, the extended conditional tools, the advanced attribute edition, and the use of regular expressions to perform a product price uplift or attribute edition automatically will definitely improve your data feed quality
  • API connection: It keeps all your catalog information updated, product prices customized. It also manages orders automatically and effortlessly from your Store or Koongo platforms.

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As you may know, Koongo offers full support for more than 500 marketplaces and selling channels worldwide, including Spartoo. You won’t regret giving Koongo a chance. It fully supports any existing platform from Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, CCV Shop, Lightspeed, WooCommerce to any 3rd party Custom Platform. You just need to sign up to check how Koongo is capable to improve and boost your sales. There’s no risk associated, 30 days Free Trial period is available.

For more details, you may check Spartoo integration manual or contact us at We’ll be happy to help you with your Spartoo integration.

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