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We have absolutely noticed an increase in the number of orders since we installed and set up Koongo App for our SEOshop store., says Tim Broere, the owner of

In this success story, we bring you an interview with Tim Broere covering marketing aspects of e-commerce. Tim explains why he uses SEOshop and Koongo and where he sees the most important advantages of the combo SEOshop + Koongo.

Tim, tell us about Ergowerken store.

We started our webshop based on SEOshop in April 2013 and we sell ergonomic products. These products contribute to the health, productiveness, and wellbeing of the ones who use them. We mainly focus on the office space but are planning to expand our focus to the industry as well. We carefully select our products from various suppliers and only place them on our website when we think they can make a contribution to the workplace. We are going to come with a product of our own in the near future but I can’t say a lot about it.

We target both end-users as well as B2B segment. The Netherlands is our main market. We do sell to Belgian and German customers but do not focus on these markets.

Why do you use SEOshop?

SEOshop was our first e-commerce platform. We have compared some platforms and came to the conclusion that SEOshop would be the easiest to set up a shop and run it. The free trial period made us decide to go for SEOshop. The service you get as a new customer is great. Within 10 minutes after subscribing we got a call from an account manager, who guided us through the first steps. It made things a lot easier.

How much do you pay for your SEOshop store?

We pay something like € 90 per month. The initial price is low, but you pay extra for things like the template and apps such as Kongoo App. I think the pricing is fair. Almost every app can be tested for a considerate amount of days, so you have the opportunity to test whether the investment is worth it or not.

What do you think about Koongo App for SEOshop?

We started looking for an app like this when we found out that SEOshop does not provide 100% working product feeds. Koongo seemed like a very easy to install and use application and like I said earlier we could test it for 30 days. So why not.

Koong provides high-quality product feeds from dedicated people. I experienced this with the Koongo support. Most feeds did not work properly in the beginning. At first, I thought this was going to take forever to get a proper feed, but the feedback I provided was picked up quickly and almost immediately translated in better feeds.

Which channels do you use currently?

Price comparison websites have our highest priority at the moment because they generate the most traffic. In the future, selling and affiliate channels are definitely going to be used as well. Specifically, we use Google Shopping,, Marktplaats and Shopmania.

Have you noticed an increase in the number of orders since you installed and set up Koongo App?

Absolutely. We do however need some more data to draw solid conclusions on which feed works best for us.

Which feeds or channels do you plan to use in the near future?

I am not sure. With the great support of Koongo, we can easily test several channels and see which works best for our shop and products. We can already see that certain feeds work better on particular products, so its worth testing more feeds. I guess eventually Koongo can also take an advising role in helping shops to pick the right and profitable channels.

Any other suggestions on how to improve Koongo platform?

I would appreciate tracking of feed performance. Ability to track the number of visitors coming from given channel authority. We think this should have a top priority. Performance is the best way to justify the investment in Koongo and test new feeds.

Says Tim Broere from Thanks a lot, Tim!


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