Brands Democracy – Case Study

Brand Democracy case study


Brands Democracy is a company from Spain. Its mission is to make the best-valued products from premium fashion brands more accessible. They focus on providing the best possible online shopping experience, together with excellent shipping service.

Brands Democracy team has more than 15 years of experience in sectors such as retail, logistics, graphic design, and the wholesale market, which they want to translate into an unbeatable user experience.


Brands Democracy started to work with Koongo in August 2021. They had several goals to achieve.

Their goals were:

  • Increase the sales
  • Sell easily on new selling channels
  • Expand their business internationally

Each integration has its complexity but Koongo has worked perfectly.”


Brands Democracy needed to quickly set up their Koongo account, at least, with one active selling channel. They could not miss the Back to School event. This campaign was very important for their business.

In order to expand its presence abroad, Brands Democracy decided to start selling its products on the Miinto marketplace. This was a good option allowing them immediate access to global markets.

The Miinto marketplace allows selling products internationally and reaching new markets such as the Netherlands, Denmark, or Sweden easily. Miinto recently opened to China market. This gives the merchant opportunity to expand to one of the largest markets in the world.

Brands Democracy required the Koongo Order Synchronization service to automate the Miinto order processing. Why did you need the order synchronization service? Well, it is a fantastic feature! It reduces the workload and saves precious time. You have the stock levels always up to date, reducing the risk to get orders including out-of-stock items.

How would we define Koongo’s Order Synchronization service? It’s an additional service to let Koongo import your marketplace orders into your store backend, transferring the order data and syncing my inventory levels automatically. So, you can manage these orders just like regular orders. The Miinto orders can be also sent to your information or logistics system.

Miinto is one of Koongo’s supported channels with order connections ready. Koongo and Miinto work very closely. There is direct communication in case of an issue that reduces resolution time to a minimum. Miinto employees are trained to use the Koongo system. Merchants have a double support line in case of change/bug reports.

Even if you don’t have full product details, or you miss some translations/photos, your product can merge to existing ones in Miinto – and be enriched without further action taken on your end.

Miinto Integration

As a first step, Brands Democracy opened business accounts both on Koongo and Miinto. As their store is built on Shopify, they just had to install the Koongo Sell on Marketplaces app via Shopify App Market.

Koongo app connects Shopify with Koongo via API. This means a bi-directional connection with all Shopify product data, even metadata, imported into the Koongo database with updates performed every 30 minutes.

The next step was to choose a selling channel. Brands Democracy had already selected the Miinto marketplace. They simply added a Miinto product feed from their Koongo dashboard.

The Miinto product feed is easy to use with the attribute mapping already pre-defined. That means most of Miinto’s mandatory attributes such as color, brand, or size will be already linked with the attributes in your store including those values.

Next, they needed to map their store categories to Miinto’s official categories. It’s basically a category multi-selection the partner completed in less than 2 minutes. It’s recommended to get your items well-segmented at Miinto but not mandatory.

Brands Democracy also used the product filters on the Koongo end to choose the exact products they would like to publish on Miinto. It’s also possible to manipulate the values like price or stock to personalize the experience for different channels. After that, the feed was ready to be sent to Miinto’s customer care and get their validation.

Once Miinto gave the green light to the feed the client knew that he could go live and start selling on Miinto.

Brands Democracy activated the Live Stock API to immediately synchronize its product data on Miinto. All product data is synced in 30-min frequency intervals with Miinto to make sure your Miinto inventory levels are always matching the ones listed in your store.

Miinto Order Synchronization

The last step was to add the order connections to benefit from Koongo’s Order Sync. service and get any Miinto order imported into their Shopify store. Brands Democracy was chasing full automation. Thus, they set their order connections to automatically accept Miinto orders based on stock & price thresholds. At the same time, the Miinto orders transferred had the shipment details synchronization in both directions with the possibility to define a default carrier per Miinto market.

Lastly, Brands Democracy reported an issue with the Shopify statistics feature, wrongly processing orders placed in non-default store currencies. We suggested them to activate the Koongo built-in order currency conversion feature so they could get all Miinto orders transferred into Shopify default store currency.

Using this Koongo feature, Brands Democracy was able to manage Miinto orders in their Shopify store, avoiding any out-of-stock issues, and saving a lot of time.


Brands Democracy is very happy with the result achieved in just a couple of months.

Miinto immediately increased the client sales by 7 %.

Miinto’s business in terms of orders has been 7% of the total. We expect it to represent 25% of our total business.

All Miinto locations stock data is synced with merchant stores on a regular basis. So, there is no risk to sell out-of-stock products in any of the active locations. Also, the merchant can manage directly the Miinto orders from their Shopify backend.

The same approach was used in some new countries, like the Netherlands, Denmark or Sweden, improving the shop performance.

Brands Democracy has now achieved better popularity internationally and this will surely benefit its future performance.

Koongo has allowed us to add new sales channels and new markets.
The most important thing is that we have managed to work in countries that we did not have before, and that have worked very well, such as the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.
And above all things we have improved the average ticket, in Miinto it is 70% higher than we had.

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