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Google AdWords

Google Adwords, an online advertising platform created by Google, is designed to help you advertise directly on Google search engine.

With a Google Adwords tool, you are able to create customized Google ads. These ads can help you reach millions of customers and increase website traffic and allow you to progressively grow your business.

Advantages of advertising with a Google Adwords tool

  • Reach people while they’re searching for your offerings Your ads are displayed to people who are looking for the kind of products or services you are offering.
  • Control your budget from the AdWords tool With the Pay Per Click advertising system you are charged only when a customer clicks on your ad. The Adwords tool allows you to set a budget which means that you will never be charged more than what you are willing to pay.
  • You are able to see what’s working in your ads and build on it. Google Adwords gives you the ability to see how your ads are performing. This data can prove to be very important as it exactly defines the room for improvements.

For more information please visit Google AdWords feed manual or contact us at Koongo support.

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