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With over 2 million online retailers selling over Amazon a billion of different items across the various different countries Amazon is one of the most powerful, globally recognized online marketplaces in world. Benefits of Amazon include payment processing, fraud protection, an innovative self-service platform, large volumes of traffic and frontline customer service. Find out how you can start selling on Amazon global marketplaces with Koongo and how to beat your competitors.

Sell on Amazon with Koongo

It's around a year when announced integration Koongo for the thirst time. Since then we have been extending all the integration possibilities with Amazon and currently Koongo supports:

  • Sell on Amazon
  • Amazon Product Ads

Koongo works currently with Amazon marketplaces in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and United States. If you are Magento user note you need to download the latest feeds and taxonomies. If you user of Koongo as Service (SEOshop, Biedmeer, Shopify, etc.) you have the latest feeds available automatically.

Success story of SEOshop-based store in Netherlands using Koongo to integrate with Amazon.

Tips for successful selling of Amazon

  • UPC, EAN, barcodes & ASINs - It is absolutely essential that you have valid UPC (sometimes called EAN or barcodes) or ASIN (short for Amazon Standard Identification Number) for your items before you can start selling on Amazon.
  • Product Names - Products on market places, such as Amazon, are placed amongst a sea of your competitors. Alongside your price, your title is the first thing a customers sees, and is an essential resource not only for your search terms, but is also a key factor in ensuring customers click on your listing, and hopefully checkout with your item in their cart. Try and include as much information as you can in your title including: brand, size, color and any other relevant information that you feel as though would benefit your search terms. Koongo has a built-in feature Attribute Merging allowing you to reach this requirement by merging attribute values with static content.
  • Product Descriptions - The key to a good description in Amazon is length which should be around 200 words. Amazon allows some very basic HTML in it’s description fields, so if you’re confident in using this, make sure you highlight headers and emphasize key words and phrases by placing them in bold.
  • Feature Bullet Points - Amazon usually allows for up to five bullet points to be added a to your items (but this can vary dependent on the category the item is listed in). Make sure your bullet points highlight your products key features, and recap important information that customers will be looking for.
  • Search terms - Just like the bullet points, Amazon also allows sellers to add up to five additional search terms to their products. Try not to repeat any search terms included in your title, instead use search terms that compliment your item.
  • Images - After your price and title, images are the next best resource in order to ensure good conversions into sales. Amazon has specific rules for the images it will accept. In order to comply images must meet the following criteria:  Images should be at least 1280 pixels on one side. Your main image should be on a white background, and the entire product must be visible and should take up roughly 85% of the space. Images should not include watermarks, borders, URLs, animation, seller logos or any other text.

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