The Ultimate Feed Marketing Tool for the World of E-commerce
Koongo provides 500+ selling channels from more than 50 countries.
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Key Features

More than 500 feeds supported worldwide and new ones are coming every week.

Manage seamlessly all your product feeds from a single integration point.

Publish your products on global selling channels, reach more customers and increase your sales.

We do our best to provide you effective, friendly and fast support.

Video Presentation

Hey! Check out 3 minutes long video presentation of Koongo Connector for Magento at YouTube!

The Koongo Blog

Wyomind Feed Manager VS Koongo Connector
Due to not so long time ago published Comparison of product feed modules for Magento we have recently received several questions what's the difference between Wyomind Feed Manager and Koongo Connector and why users should use Koongo instead of Wyomind.
Posted on 28.3.2014 in Features

Daisycon became Koongo Partner!
We are glad we can announce today our new Industry Partner - Dutch affiliate network Daisycon.
Posted on 18.3.2014 in Partners

Koongo is looking for partners and various ninjas!

Despite Koongo is relatively young (born in January 2013), we already support Magento and Shopify platform. We are working tirelessly on adding more and looking for motivated Developers who will develop Koongo Connectors for other platforms. Koongo offers many ways how to cooperate and we are looking for various specialists - Sales representatives, Product managers

and Community leaders. The list of Koongo Partners has just started to grow, so donĀ“t miss the oppurtunity and become a Koongo partner! Beside regular salary, you may get provisions by participating in Koongo affialite system.