Rakuten Marketing Integration

Through the global affiliate network, Rakuten Marketing empowers marketers to engage shoppers across the entire consumer journey. Affiliate success comes down to partnerships — the Rakuten Marketing connect advertisers with publishers to reach new audiences and influence repeat purchases. Their solutions create a holistic strategy that delivers proven incremental revenue and is continually optimized for performance.

The industry has voted the Rakuten Marketing the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network for seven consecutive years, and in 2016 they eclipsed past performance by facilitating more than 100 million orders worldwide.

Product feeds

  • Rakuten Marketing - 1_Primary File - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Books - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Music - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Movies - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Computer Hardware - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Computer Software - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Clothing and Accessories - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Art - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Toys - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Pets - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Games - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Food and Drink - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Gifts and Flowers - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Auto - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Electronics - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Credit Cards - TXT
  • Rakuten Marketing - Attribute File - Consumer Banking - TXT


  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Japan
  • United States

Channel integration type

    The Rakuten Marketing channel is connected to Koongo via a product feed.

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Rakuten Marketing integration manual

The Rakuten Marketing product feed is used to upload product data to Rakuten Marketing service.

1. Register on Rakuten Marketing

Open an account with Rakuten Marketing

2. Set your Primary File feed up

Add the Rakuten Marketing Primary File feed to your profile grid.

The Primary File provides basic information about each product. The file supports 31 fields. You are only required to provide data for twelve (11) of these fields: SKU Number, Product Name, Primary Category, Product URL, Product Image URL, Retail Price, Is Deleted Flag, Is All Flag, Is Product Link Flag, Is Merchandiser Flag, and Currency. These eleven fields are the absolute minimum needed to store your product files.

However, if you are submitting an Attribute File, the Class ID field is also required.

3. Set your Attribute File feed up - optional

The Attribute File provides additional information about each product based upon certain product class definitions. It is optional. The fields in the Attribute File will depend upon the Class ID of the specific product.

Essentially, the Class ID identifies a specific product category and allows the client to append additional information to the product, specific to its category. For example, Class ID 40 is Computer Hardware. The Attribute File associated with Class ID 40 accepts fields such as SKU Number, Platform, Ram, Hard Drive, Processor, and Monitor Size. There are 14 predefined Class IDs available. For each Class ID, we have a predetermined set of attribute fields.

4. Set the Rakuten Marketing connection up

Before sending your initial file to the Rakuten Affiliate Network, contact the Support Team via, or, depending on your program location, so they may review the file format and contents.

Advertisers may deliver their product files to the Rakuten Affiliate Network via FTP or SFTP. Advertisers who wish to upload their product files to the Rakuten Affiliate Network must first set up an FTP account with the Rakuten Affiliate Network. Advertisers will provide us with a valid IP address (or IP range). The Rakuten Affiliate Network will then set up an account, and send you the login/password information. The FTP host is Your Rakuten Affiliate Network Representative and Implementation Specialist will coordinate this setup. Advertisers may have the Rakuten Affiliate Network pull (retrieve) the files from your location’s HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, or SFTP location.

File naming convention:

Please note: Your file name must not include any blank spaces or special characters. If you wish that the Rakuten Affiliate Network pulls the file from your location via HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, or SFTP: Please use a constant naming convention and NOT include sequence or timestamp in file names.

  • Primary File: mid_nmerchandis*_full.txt; 1234_nmerchandis20110810_full.txt
  • Attribute File: mid_nattributes*_full.txt; 1234_nattributes20110810_full.txt

5. FTP sumbission manual

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