Rakuten France

Rakuten France offers an online e-commerce website that provides new, used, and collectible products at fixed prices. Rakuten France operates a French online e-commerce website. It provides new, used, and collectible products at fixed prices for individuals and professionals in Europe.

The company enables its customers to list items by entering the title or barcode of the item as well as the price at which the seller wishes to sell the product. It lists items under various categories, including books, music, DVD, VHS, video games, phones and PDAs, computing, electronics, sports, leisure, fashion, and toys and games.

Rakuten France is formerly PriceMinister, a company acquired by Rakuten 2010. It was founded in August 2000 and is based in Paris, France.

Product feeds

  • Rakuten France - Maison - Meubles/Deco/Luminaires - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Maison - Electroménager - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Enfant - Jeux et Jouets - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Mode - Sex toys - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Mode - Vêtements coquins - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Mode - Mode - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Maison - Art de la table - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Enfant - Puériculture - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Maison - Linge de maison - CSV
  • Rakuten France - High Tech - High Tech - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Mode - Parfum/Soi/Beauté - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Mode - Montres - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Sports - Equipement de Sport - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Sports - Accessoires Auto - CSV
  • Rakuten France - Vins - Boissons - CSV


  • France

Channel integration type

    The Rakuten France channel is connected to Koongo via a product feed.

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Rakuten France integration manual

The Rakuten product feed is used to upload product data to the Rakuten channel.

1. Register on Rakuten

Open an account with Rakuten channel

2. Create Rakuten feed

Add Rakuten feed for a specific product category to your profile grid. For more details please check the manual below:

Note: Not all Rakuten France product feeds are developed by Koongo. You can check all Rakuten products feed templates at Templates CSV Import. If the product template you need is missing in the Koongo portfolio just let us know at We add the product template for you.

3. Map your store categories to Rakuten categories in the product feed

To get proper Rakuten categories for your products you need to map your store categories to Rakuten categories.

4. Set the Rakuten connection up

Validate your Rakuten feed in Rakuten File Validator.

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