Tens of thousands of people visit idealo a day. Promoting your products on the price comparison site such as idealo could be driving an average of 42% more orders on your site.

Set up on Germany in 2000, idealo is a price comparison site that allows its users to compare prices across a range of products from a variety of stores and then direct them to the relevant site and product page to purchase.

idealo marketing channel boasts a large number of visitors on a daily basis.

  • Around 28 million visitors a month: A large number of site visitors is aided by the site’s marketing efforts including their paid ads, email and retargeting
  • 7% of registered users who have added products to their basket purchase: Did we mention that only 3% of users actually register? Arguably, that’s a tiny number of users in comparison to the site’s visitor numbers. Whilst this isn’t a massive issue for retailers who reap the advantages of showing their products to those looking for them. But this does somewhat hinder personalization on the site due to the lack of information of each user
  • 3 visits before purchase: The site does seem a lot of drop-offs in sales due to the buying circle seeing an average of 3 visits on average before a user purchases. Referring to the point above, this creates a bit of a roadblock to bringing people back to the site with personalized emails
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Product feeds

  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product - CSV
  • - Product (incl. Direktkauf) - CSV
  • - Product feed - CSV


  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy

Channel integration type

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idealo integration manual

The idealo product feed is used to upload product data to the idealo channel.

Note: For, you can use Direktkauf/Checkout option. You can check Requirements for showing offers on idealo for more information.

1. Register on idealo

Open an account with idealo

2. Create idealo feed

Add the idealo feed to your profile grid. For more details please check the manual below:

3. Set the idealo connection up

You need to contact the idealo support team at Go to the Feed preview, copy the feed URL link and send it to idealo support team for validation.

idealo order synchronization manual

The idealo order synchronization is currently supported for selected e-commerce platforms. To activate the idealo order synchronization, please follow:

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