Fnac Integration

The channel is supported by Koongo. Check channel integration manual below for more details.

Product feeds

  • - Product - CSV
  • - Offers via API - XML
  • - Offers via API - Remove feed - XML
  • - Offers via API (Portugal) - XML
  • - Offers via API - Remove feed (Portugal) - XML
  • - Product (Portugal) - CSV


  • France
  • Portugal

Channel integration type

    The API integration is implemented for Fnac channel.

    An API connection means instant product data update. All your product data changes are transferred from your store to Fnac marketplace in a matter of minutes.

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Fnac submission manual

For Fnac channel integration, the 3 separate feeds are needed:

  • Product feed - uploads the product data from your store to the Fnac database. Mirakl system is used.
  • Offers via API - updates the stock and price information on a regular basis.
  • Offers via API - Remove feed - removes products that were deleted from your store.

For Fnac channel integration, please follow the steps below.

1. Register on Fnac

Open an account with Fnac channel

  • Sign up for an account on Fnac

2. Set up your Product feed

Note: The valid EAN code is a mandatory attribute for the Fnac channel.

Add the Fnac Product feed to your Koongo profile grid. Log in to your Fnac Mirakl system. Follow Fnac_product_creation_guide and upload your products to the Fnac Mirakl system.

3. Set up your Offer and Remove feed

Add the Offer and Remove feed to your Koongo profile grid.

Please contact the Fnac support and ask them for Shop ID.

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