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How to Sell on Cdiscount with Profit


Are you willing to target the French market? Have you heard about the Cdiscount marketplace? Cdiscount.com is the leading marketplace in France in terms of turnover with a growth superior to the market average. They have a wide range of products from cultural goods, high-tech, IT, household and personal appliances to food items. The Cdiscount e-commerce website has positioned itself as an online discount retailer and its big audience is always looking for the best possible online deal.

What is exactly Cdiscount? Cdiscount has been growing during the last 20 years and it is currently the leading online marketplace in France. Cdiscount started as a regular online retailer selling their own products; after 10 years of activity, the marketplace was launched and opened to 3rd party merchants willing to share the Cdiscount philosophy, to offer top quality products at the lowest possible price.

Benefits of Selling on Cdiscount Marketplace

The Cdiscount website interface is easy to manage and it's offering a huge catalog with more than 40 categories and 2k subcategories giving a striking placement to product prices and discounts. Cdiscount is famous for the fast enrollment and approval process for their sellers to start receiving orders almost immediately. It’s not strange to find merchants from other giant marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay selling on Cdiscount due to the fast onboarding process and affordable selling fees. Unlike other known marketplaces, Cdiscount is not restricting the access to external sellers, no matter where your company is located you’re always welcome to offer your products in the Cdiscount marketplace. It’s not a coincidence they’ve been increasing the number of external sellers exponentially during last years, reaching now almost 11,5k active sellers worldwide.

Things to consider before deciding to sell on Cdiscount:

  • Sellers pay a commission as they sell (from 5% to 20%) plus a flat monthly subscription fee currently at 39,99€ - Cdiscount is offering Koongo users a 5-month Cdiscount account for free. Sellers have free access to the Cdiscount marketplace and its resources with the possibility to upload an unlimited number of products and no commitment required.
  • Sellers have access to a large number of loyal customers (Around 12 million/month) mainly located in France but present in more than 70 countries; it’s a great way to expand your e-commerce business, especially in the French market.
  • Sellers have access to the Cdiscount product statistics and customer information to better identify potentialities, adjust the product pricing to gain competitiveness or just to increase their sales using marketing campaigns, daily deals or the special discounts on the selling fees offered by Cdiscount.
  • Sellers can also use the Cdiscount logistics and fulfillment service that will take over the storage, packaging, shipping and delivery process. It’s an interesting additional service that will ensure you’re always meeting shipping deadlines and get happy customers and good reviews.

Things you need before starting the enrollment process:

  • You need a valid VAT/TAX code to open a business account with Cdiscount
  • You need to have your products duly identified with real EAN codes
  • You need product titles and descriptions in the French language. Basic information such as product type, brand, model (mainly tech. products) and gender (fashion) data is required
  • You need to be able to dispatch your orders within 2 working days
  • You need to avoid including forbidden items; medication, drugs, live animals, weapons or discriminatory items are not allowed by Cdiscount

What can I sell on Cdiscount?

In case you’ve finally started the fast onboarding process to sell your products on Cdiscount, you’ll be glad to know Cdiscount has more than 12 million/monthly unique visitors and a large number of active users seeking almost everything from electronics, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computers, speakers, books, toys, games, fashion, jewelry, clothing, baby accessories, health care, bags and almost all kinds of products. It’s important to note that around 30% of the Cdiscount sales include some sort of consumer electronics and computing devices. If you’re a high-tech or IT seller, it’s a must you start selling and offering your products on Cdiscount due to the existing high demand.

There are some best practices to sell on Cdiscount that will definitely help you grow your business in this marketplace.

  • Try to offer Fast and Free Shipping options to your customers
  • Try to set product prices as low as possible. You can use a dynamic pricing software solution such as Prisync
  • Try to work extensively your promotions with quality images, selection of products, keywords, titles and accurate descriptions in the French language with no automatic or low-quality translations
  • Try to keep a fluid and resolutive attitude with all customers to provide straightforward solutions

Why selling on Cdiscount with Koongo is beneficial?

Cdiscount is integrated with Koongo and it’s an excellent selling channel for merchants targeting the French market. From now on your product prices, stocks level and new products will be synchronized, in real-time, by the means of API. Koongo will keep your data always up to date with an unbeatable product update frequency in order to automatically collect any data modification made on your store. You’ll have the chance to adapt your offers, products or shipments before other merchants. You can even adapt your product prices in the real-time, monitoring your merchant competitors, thanks to a dynamic pricing software solutions such as Prisync.

We’re really proud to announce a great advantage for new Koongo and Cdiscount sellers who are creating a business account with the following link during 2019. Cdiscount is offering Koongo users a 5-month Cdiscount account for free. You will not need to pay any monthly subscription fee during the first 5 months of activity saving up to 199,95€ when using the Koongo service.

Simply register for Cdiscount account below:

Additionally, selling on Cdiscount with Koongo is offering other advantages such as:

  • Advanced filtering features: You can filter almost everything to export only what is needed. From product attributes to specific keywords. With Koongo, all your attribute data can be used with advanced filtering purposes
  • Category mapping features: You can map your existing categories with the ones provided by Cdiscount marketplace in a few clicks
  • Transformation features: You will be able to edit and transform all your catalog attribute information and data thanks to Koongo in-built transformation tool; the currency conversion and exchange rate, conditional rules, advanced attribute combination, and edition or the use of regular and mathematical expressions will definitely improve your data feed quality with no need to alter your store settings
  • The API connection will keep all your catalog information updated effortlessly

As you may know, Koongo is offering full support for more than +500 marketplaces and selling channels worldwide, including Cdiscount.com. You won’t regret giving Koongo a chance. It fully supports any existing platform from Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, CCV Shop to any 3rd party Custom Platform. You just need to sign up to check how Koongo is capable to boost your sales. There's no risk associated, 30 days Free Trial period is available.

For more details, you may check the Cdiscount integration manual or contact us at support@koongo.com. We'll be happy to help you with the Cdiscount.com integration.

Posted by Raul Navarro on Jul 22, 2019 in Channel Updates

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