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2dehands.be/2memain.be API integration


Koongo would like to announce the release of an API integration for 2dehands.be/2memain.be Admarkt channel. The 2dehands.be/2memain.be Admarkt integration is available for all Koongo as a service platforms.

Free 2dehands.be/2memain.be channel setup

For the first 5 customers interested in 2dehands.be/2memain.be channel, Koongo offers the free Channels setup service!

About 2dehands.be/2memain.be

The 2dehands.be was founded in 1999 as one of the first search sites in Belgium. Meanwhile, 2dehands.be with 42 categories is very popular: the number of visitors is still increasing every day. Both individuals and small and large companies visit 2dehands.be, there are about 700,000 visitors a day.

Together, the users buy and sell new and used items and services. Every day, 60,000 new ads are placed on average. From clothes and collectibles to cars and household goods. The 2dehands.be has been part of eBay since July 2013, with its headquarters in Amsterdam.

Benefits of the 2dehands.be/2memain.be API integration

  • Automatic CPC optimization option - display your product ads on the 2dehands.be/2memain.be top positions to get higher traffic to your webshop.
  • 2dehands.be/2memain.be API product data synchronization - product data are exported to 2dehands.be/2memain.be channel immediately after any product data change.
  • Filter and export selected products based on an attribute or a category filtering. For more details check Koongo documentation.

Advantages of the 2dehands.be/2memain.be advertising

  • Greater visibility

    Using 2dehands.be/2memain.be, your ad will be displayed on the top position on the 2dehands.be/2memain.be website. Compared to the consumer ads you'll get greater visibility on that channel.

  • Free link to your website

    After you create your ad on the 2dehands.be/2memain.be platform you will be able to add a link to your webshop for free. That will help you to increase the traffic to your website and boost direct sales.

  • Your vendor page on 2dehands.be/2memain.be

    As an 2dehands.be/2memain.be advertiser you can set up your own vendor page with your company information. All your posted ads on 2dehands.be/2memain.be are visible to your potential customers on customized vendor page.

  • Access your ads 24/7

    There is 24/7 ads access available in the 2dehands.be/2memain.be management environment. You can add, modify or remove any of your offers anytime.

For more information please visit 2dehands.be/2memain.be feed manual or contact us at Koongo support.

Posted by Pavel Zahrádka on Nov 13, 2017 in Integrations

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