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Advertise on Marktplaats Admarkt


Marktplaats is the largest online marketplace for products and services in the Netherlands. It offers biddable advertisements for professional advertisers through the Admarkt platform. There are roughly 8.2 million visitors each month.

Marktplaats Admarkt is a quick and easy way to sell highly targeted products, build the brand awareness and increase traffic to the webshop. Marktplaats Admarkt feed makes Marktplaats advertising easy and provides Admarkt product import as friendly as possible. With Koongo Admarkt feed you can place ads on Marktplaats automatically on daily basis.

Your ads on Marktplaats

After the products are imported into Marktplaats they are automatically arranged in a list view. Ads imported via Koongo Admarkt feed are “Topadvertenties”. They are located at various places on Marktplaats.


Advantages of the Admarkt advertising

  • Greater visibility on Marktplaats

    Using Admarkt, your ad will be displayed on the top position on the Marktplaats page. Compared to the consumer ads you'll get greater visibility on Marktplaats.

  • Free link to your website

    After you create your ad on the Admarkt platform you will be able to add a link to your webshop for free. That will help you to increase the traffic through your website and boost direct sales.

  • Your vendor page on Admarkt

    As an Admarkt advertiser you can set up your own vendor page with your company information. All your posted ads on Marktplaats are visible to your potential customers on customized vendor page.

  • Access your ads 24/7

    There is 24/7 ads access available in the Admarkt management environment. You can add, modify or remove any of your offers anytime. The environment panel shows the traffic from Admarkt to your website and the results from your ads are available. You can easily optimize your ads and adjust your ads budget based on the performance.

For more information please visit Admarkt feed manual or contact us at Koongo support.

Posted by Pavel Zahrádka on Mar 6, 2017 in Integrations

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